10:58 AM 1/18/2021 - To incite the Civil War in America was the most cherished dream of the Russian Ruling Mafia (under whatever names and titles they go) for decades.

To incite the Civil War in America was the most cherished dream of the Russian Ruling Mafia (under whatever names and titles they go) for decades. This prospect was and is feverishly discussed at their various "scientific" and pseudo-political forums. 

I do not believe that it will ever happen but they came dangerously close in transforming this fantasy into the reality. They cultivated their Fifth Columns with great care, devotion, patience, hope, and the generous financial injections. 

The Russian spies, agents, hoodlums, and others, all sorts of garbage invisibly saturated the American social, political, and economic lives. 

Brooklyn New York is their capital, where they practice their creeping Sovietization

And now, I have to say with pain and anger, the US Intelligence Community, and first of all FBI, have to deal with this unprecedented situation. This issue and problem exploded into our faces, and it cannot be more obvious, and it cannot be ignored. No more denials, no more neglect, no more accommodations, no more willful blindness. This is the "Hybrid" Intelligence War

The security strategies with regard to this threat have to be reviewed, re-conceptualized, and reassessed. It has to be done IN DEPTH, as I called for many times, although I am not a professional in this area. 

This is a wake-up call. It has to be answered. We must wake up. 

The problems and tasks have to be clearly formulated, and the proper actions have to be taken. 

Michael Novakhov 

10:58 AM 1/18/2021



A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege https://t.co/YhPpmxuPKX via @NewYorker

— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) January 18, 2021

A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege

Luke Mogelson followed Trump supporters as they forced their way into the Senate chamber, using his phone’s camera as a reporter’s notebook.


 Among the Insurrectionists at the Capitol

By the end of President Donald Trump’s crusade against American democracy—after a relentless deployment of propaganda, demagoguery, intimidation, and fearmongering aimed at persuading as many Americans as possible to repudiate their country’s foundational principles—a single word sufficed to nudge his most fanatical supporters into open insurrection. Thousands of them had assembled on the Mall, in Washington, D.C., on the morning of January 6th, to hear Trump address them from a stage outside the White House. From where I stood, at the foot of the Washington Monument, you had to strain to see his image on a jumbotron that had been set up on Constitution Avenue. His voice, however, projected clearly through powerful speakers as he rehashed the debunked allegations of massive fraud which he’d been propagating for months. Then he summarized the supposed crimes, simply, as “bullshit.”

“Bullshit! Bullshit!” the crowd chanted. It was a peculiar mixture of emotion that had become familiar at pro-Trump rallies since he lost the election: half mutinous rage, half gleeful excitement at being licensed to act on it. The profanity signalled a final jettisoning of whatever residual deference to political norms had survived the past four years. In front of me, a middle-aged man wearing a Trump flag as a cape told a young man standing beside him, “There’s gonna be a war.” His tone was resigned, as if he were at last embracing a truth that he had long resisted. “I’m ready to fight,” he said. The young man nodded. He had a thin mustache and hugged a life-size mannequin with duct tape over its eyes, “traitor” scrawled on its chest, and a noose around its neck.

“We want to be so nice,” Trump said. “We want to be so respectful of everybody, including bad people. We’re going to have to fight much harder. And Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us.”

About a mile and a half away, at the east end of the Mall, Vice-President Pence and both houses of Congress had convened to certify the Electoral College votes that had made Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the next President and Vice-President of the United States. In December, a hundred and forty Republican representatives—two-thirds of the caucus—had said that they would formally object to the certification of several swing states. Fourteen Republican senators, led by Josh Hawley, of Missouri, and Ted Cruz, of Texas, had joined the effort. The lawmakers lacked the authority to overturn the election, but Trump and his allies had concocted a fantastical alternative: Pence, as the presiding officer of the Senate, could single-handedly nullify votes from states that Biden had won. Pence, though, had advised Congress that the Constitution constrained him from taking such action.

“After this, we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you,” Trump told the crowd. The people around me exchanged looks of astonishment and delight. “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them—because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.”

“No weakness!” a woman cried.

Before Trump had even finished his speech, approximately eight thousand people started moving up the Mall. “We’re storming the Capitol!” some yelled.

There was an eerie sense of inexorability, the throngs of Trump supporters advancing up the long lawn as if pulled by a current. Everyone seemed to understand what was about to happen. The past nine weeks had been steadily building toward this moment. On November 7th, mere hours after Biden’s win was projected, I attended a protest at the Pennsylvania state capitol, in Harrisburg. Hundreds of Trump supporters, including heavily armed militia members, vowed to revolt. When I asked a man with an assault rifle—a “combat-skills instructor” for a militia called the Pennsylvania Three Percent—how likely he considered the prospect of civil conflict, he told me, “It’s coming.” Since then, Trump and his allies had done everything they could to spread and intensify this bitter aggrievement. On December 5th, Trump acknowledged, “I’ve probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I ever have in my life.” (He was not talking about managing the pandemic, which since the election has claimed a hundred and fifty thousand American lives.) Militant pro-Trump outfits like the Proud Boys—a national organization dedicated to “reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism” in America—had been openly gearing up for major violence. In early January, on Parler, an unfiltered social-media site favored by conservatives, Joe Biggs, a top Proud Boys leader, had written, “Every law makers who breaks their own stupid Fucking laws should be dragged out of office and hung.”

On the Mall, a makeshift wooden gallows, with stairs and a rope, had been constructed near a statue of Ulysses S. Grant. Some of the marchers nearby carried Confederate flags. Up ahead, the dull thud of stun grenades could be heard, accompanied by bright flashes. “They need help!” a man shouted. “It’s us versus the cops!” Someone let out a rebel yell. Scattered groups wavered, debating whether to join the confrontation. “We lost the Senate—we need to make a stand now,” a bookish-looking woman in a down coat and glasses appealed to the person next to her. The previous day, a runoff in Georgia had flipped two Republican Senate seats to the Democrats, giving them majority control.

Hundreds of Trump supporters had forced their way past barricades to the Capitol steps. In anticipation of Biden’s Inauguration, bleachers had been erected there, and the sides of the scaffolding were wrapped in ripstop tarpaulin. Officers in riot gear blocked an open flap in the fabric; the mob pressed against them, screaming insults.

“You are traitors to the country!” a man barked at the police through a megaphone plastered with stickers from “InfoWars,” the incendiary Web program hosted by the right-wing conspiracist Alex Jones. Behind the man stood Biggs, the Proud Boys leader. He wore a radio clipped onto the breast pocket of his plaid flannel shirt. Not far away, I spotted a “straight pride” flag.

There wasn’t nearly enough law enforcement to fend off the mob, which pelted the officers with cans and bottles. One man angrily invoked the pandemic lockdown: “Why can’t I work? Where’s my ‘pursuit of happiness’?” Many people were equipped with flak jackets, helmets, gas masks, and tactical apparel. Guns were prohibited for the protest, but a man in a cowboy hat, posing for a photograph, lifted his jacket to reveal a revolver tucked into his waistband. Other Trump supporters had Tasers, baseball bats, and truncheons. I saw one man holding a coiled noose.

“Hang Mike Pence!” people yelled.

Soon the mob swarmed past the officers, into the understructure of the bleachers, and scrambled through its metal braces, up the building’s granite steps. Toward the top was a temporary security wall with three doors, one of which was instantly breached. Dozens of police stood behind the wall, using shields, nightsticks, and pepper spray to stop people from crossing the threshold. Other officers took up positions on planks above, firing a steady barrage of nonlethal munitions into the solid mass of bodies. As rounds tinked off metal, and caustic chemicals filled the space as if it were a fumigation tent, some of the insurrectionists panicked: “We need to retreat and assault another point!” But most remained resolute. “Hold the line!” they exhorted. “Storm!” Martial bagpipes blared through portable speakers.

“Shoot the politicians!” somebody yelled.

“Fight for Trump!”

A jet of pepper spray incapacitated me for about twenty minutes. When I regained my vision, the mob was streaming freely through all three doors. I followed an overweight man in a Roman-era costume—sandals, cape, armguards, dagger—away from the bleachers and onto an open terrace on the Capitol’s main level. People clambered through a shattered window. Video later showed that a Proud Boy had smashed it with a riot shield. A dozen police stood in a hallway softly lit by ornate chandeliers, mutely watching the rioters—many of them wearing Trump gear or carrying Trump flags—flood into the building. Their cries resonated through colonnaded rooms: “Where’s the traitors?” “Bring them out!” “Get these fucking cocksucking Commies out!”

The attack on the Capitol was a predictable apotheosis of a months-long ferment. Throughout the pandemic, right-wing protesters had been gathering at statehouses, demanding entry. In April, an armed mob had filled the Michigan state capitol, chanting “Treason!” and “Let us in!” In December, conservatives had broken the glass doors of the Oregon state capitol, overrunning officers and spraying them with chemical agents. The occupation of restricted government sanctums was an affirmation of dominance so emotionally satisfying that it was an end in itself—proof to elected officials, to Biden voters, and also to the occupiers themselves that they were still in charge. After one of the Trump supporters breached the U.S. Capitol, he insisted through a megaphone, “We will not be denied.” There was an unmistakable subtext as the mob, almost entirely white, shouted, “Whose house? Our house!” One man carried a Confederate flag through the building. A Black member of the Capitol Police later told BuzzFeed News that, during the assault, he was called a racial slur fifteen times. 


An affidavit says images and videos show 24-year-old Robert Gieswein assaulting a federal officer, encouraging others to break the Capitol’s windows …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
9, 2021, law enforcement received a tip that Griffin, an Otero County, New Mexico, Commissioner was present at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
Five people, including a Capitol police officer, died in the Jan. 6 riot, in which thousands battled police and charged the building while both Congress …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
Footage from the January 6 insurrection captured by Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic shows Goodman being chased up a Capitol staircase by a mob …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
FBI releases photos of suspects wanted in alleged assault on officer during Capitol riot. “Kill him with his own gun,” the officer said rioters chanted as …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
SPRINGFIELD — Police and armed soldiers ringed the Illinois Capitol building Sunday in a show of might intended to discourage armed protest …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol
… in his home state of Indiana after making “wanted” lists as a result of his widely seen participation in pro-Trump forces’ siege of the U.S. Capitol.
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol Siege
6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters. And it underscores fears that some of the very people assigned to protect the city over the next …
posted 7h ago via Google Alert – Capitol Siege
… the attack on the Capitol. Nearly two weeks after a pro-Trump mob stormed the historic building, many are left wondering how it was even possible.
… and founder of a group called Cowboys for Trump, was arrested in Washington on charges related to the attack on the US Capitol earlier this month, …
… the close watch of law enforcement, who are still wary after the pro-Trump mob broke into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. That attack left a Capitol police …
The defense from Trump supporters arrested in the Capitol assault is emerging in court papers and interviews — and could play a role in impeachment …
Thousands of primarily White, Trump supporters laying siege to the Capitol Building as Congress attempted to certify the presidential election.
In the video, you can see how driven the insurrectionists were to breach the Capitol, and determined to cause damage. When arriving at the Chamber, …
After a speech from Mr. Trump in which he urged the crowd to march to the Capitol and said “if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country …
National Guard, after the shocking attack on the Capitol. And now … Meanwhile, President Trump’s final days in office are marked by growing isolation.
Of the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol, Racine said “every single person” at the Trump rally that day is “being reviewed” in what he called a …
In a statement issued the same day rioters attacked the Capitol, Amy Kremer denounced the assault and said it was instigated after the rally by a “ …
But last week one was — along with with dozens of Trump flags, a green version … supporters, with the president himself having sent them to the Capitol. … Boebert said on the floor of the House before the attack: “Madam Speaker, …
“But as it related to the attack on the Capitol, the president called it out in real time — beforehand!” he continued. “He said we’re going to go to the …

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Workers trapped in a gold mine after an explosion at the site in eastern China on 10 January have sent a written note to the surface saying that 12 of the miners trapped underground are still alive.

Twenty-two workers were trapped in the Hushan mine, in Shandong province. The condition of the other 10 is not known. It was not until 30 hours later that the accident was reported, however, leading to severe criticism of those responsible

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Biden announces intent to nominate Rohit Chopra and Gary Gensler to key financial oversight roles.
Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities Offers Funding to Projects by Nonprofits  The Weekly Journal
This Week in Lincolnville: Box C, Shelf 9  PenBayPilot.com
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4015160 Voice of America – English

The post Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.

4015160 Voice of America – English

The post Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.

4015160 Voice of America – English

The post Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.

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The post News: US Capitol ‘on lockdown’ due to ‘external security threat’ first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.
В ходе практической части сбора военнослужащие огнеметных подразделений поразили цели из РПО-А «Шмель» и легкого пехотного огнемета ЛПО-97 «Варна».


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The post RSS: В Псковском соединении ВДВ завершился учебно-методический сбор с личным составом огнеметных подразделений first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.
The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) says Turkmenistan has registered Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine against COVID-19 even though the country claims to have no cases of the coronavirus.


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The post Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty: Russian Authorities Say ‘Coronavirus-Free’ Turkmenistan Registers Sputnik-V Vaccine first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.

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The post News: Lady Gaga and Tom Hanks to offer distraction from steel ring around Joe Biden’s inauguration first appeared on Russia News - russia-news.org.

A group of US-bound Central American migrants has been met with truncheons and tear gas in Guatemala as they attempt to travel on to Mexico, and then the US border.

Thousands of people were intercepted on a road near the border with Honduras on Sunday. The government said it would not accept "illegal mass movements".

Every year, tens of thousands of Central American migrants attempt this perilous journey to try to reach the US, often on foot, in groups known as "caravans".

President-elect Joe Biden, a Democrat, has vowed to end the strict immigration policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, a Republican.

#Guatemala #Honduras #BBCNews

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Biden picks Chopra, Gensler for financial oversight roles  The Associated Press
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    DC attorney general says Donald Trump could possibly be charged by city prosecutors for his role in Capitol insurrection https://cnn.it/2KsEUM4 

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