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Ukraine's president says Putin has become 'a terrorist'

  Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on   Inoreader Ukraine's president says Putin has become 'a terrorist' posted at 23:34:03 UTC   via UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday of becoming “a terrorist” leading a “terrorist state” and urged Russia’s expulsion from the United Nations. In a virtual address to the U.N. Security Council, Zelenskyy urged the U.N. to establish an international tribunal to investigate “the actions of Russian occupiers on Ukrainian soil” and to hold the country accountable. “We need to act urgently to do everything to make Russia stop the killing spree,” Zelenskyy said, warning that otherwise Russia’s “terrorist activity” will spread to other European countries and Asia, singling out the Baltic states, Poland, Moldova and Kazakhstan. “Putin has become a terrorist,” he said. “Daily terrorist acts, without weekends. Every day they are working as terrorists.” In