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9:43 AM 9/20/2021 - M.N. - My opinions IN BLACK AND WHITE: #FBI Investigate #KamalaHarris IN DEPTH! Investigate her attempts to take over and to control the FBI, the domestic policies, and the National Security issues. She is not what she seems, & there are powerful and mysterious forces behind her, most likely the #NewAbwehr - #KGB.

The accusations of sexual harassment and abuse became the STANDARD POLITICAL WEAPON. I think it is used as such in the #GymnastsSexScandal. FBI has other and much more important problems to deal with, first of all their apparent inefficiency in National Security matters, and these issues should be discussed in Congress, not this blown out of all proportions sexy-sporty-medical diversion, supplied by the New Abwehr-KGB.  Use of sex scandals in politics  Leftists have a time honored tradition of controlling the state security structures and communications. The #GymnastsSexScadal if it is the plan to control the FBI, fits into this pattern. Obama's FBI abuses, well documented by the ACLU, also fit this pattern. These are the building blocks of the coming latent dictatorship of the Left.  The #NewAbwehr-#KGB rock the American Political Boat from the #Left (Obama) to the #Right (#Trump) and back, endlessly; in order to destroy it. Ideology dies not matter to them at all, it is the POLIT