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Lawsuits against the Condo Board in connection with serial ceilings collapse | My Ceiling Collapsed. What Are My Rights?

Image lawsuits against the Condo Board in connection with serial ceilings collapse – Google Search Tuesday May 30 th , 2023  at  2:44 PM 1 Share Sponsored Top Results in New York State – Block O’Toole & Murphy › ceilingcollapse › consultation My Ceiling Collapsed. What Are My Rights? posted at 17:23:01 UTC   via Being caught in a building when the ceiling collapses is a terrifying and extremely dangerous situation. In addition to incurring damage to the belongings that were inside the building, individuals in this situation also commonly find themselves without a place to live and even dealing with physical injuries caused by the collapse, or the loss of loved ones.

Trump and Putin Are in Deep Trouble and Need Each Other More Than Ever | OPINION: The Kremlin offers a Trump-Putin ticket for 2024

  Ceiling Collapses At Mr. Figaro's Barber Shop posted at 16:54:12 UTC   via Ned Berke Jun 11, 2010   •  1 min read By now, readers must know that Mister Figaro, the Singing Stylist of 1919 Avenue Z, is one of my favorite  Sheepshead Bay barber shops. So it pained me to discover yesterday that the shop is closed, if only temporarily. The building’s ceiling and light fixtures collapsed, leaving dust and rubble everywhere. A sign now hangs in the window, informing clients: To all customers, We will be closed due to falling ceiling and light fixtures inside of store. Hope to reopen soon. Call 718-332-2122 to check if reopened. Inside, you can see a lot of the mess and damage, and it looks like cleanup is already underway. However, a Department of Buildings Order to Vacate also hangs in the window, and if that came while they were doing the work, it’s possible the DOB deemed it unsafe. A neighbor didn’t know about the vacate order, but told us the owners still plan to rep