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The News And Times Review: FSB Launches Sweeping Purge of the Military... Big Intel. An interview with J Michael Waller...

A meeting with commanders of troops of military districts. The purge appears to be the culmination of wartime infighting and competition for resources between the security services and the Defense Ministry — and marks a victory for the FSB, the successor to the Soviet KGB, in currying ex-KGB agent President Vladimir Putin’s favor. -  FSB Launches Sweeping Purge The News And Times Review - Posts from Michael Novakhov on  Inoreader Russia’s Military Shaken as Top-Level Purge Unfolds Taken together, the arrests of at least four senior officers amount to the most serious attack on the Russian military in close to 25 years of Putin’s rule. One by one, military officials are being thrown into jail. With the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine looking more favorable for the Kremlin than for some time, Putin appears to think... posted 7m ago by  Mike Nova   via   Saved Web Pages - Audio Posts - The News And Times Review   FSB Launches Sweeping Purge of Military Elites With Kre