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Tweets - 3:11 PM 10/2/2022 | Zelensky defiant as ever in tonight’s address, boasting about Ukraine’s liberation of Lyman and saying the counteroffensive will continue. “There were more Ukrainian flags in the Donbas this week. There will be even more next week.”

Tweets - The News and Times Simmond Landreth  @LandrethSimmond Michael Novakhov retweeted: And this is why the FBI has credibility. When it comes to Donld Trump the FBI cannot prove that water is wet. #TrumpWasRight #FBI #fbicorruption #deepstate #doj #carterpage posted 2m ago by  Simmond Landreth   via   Tweets by ‎@mikenov   The TRUTH FACTORY 🏭  @crypto_gauntlet Michael Novakhov retweeted: Today's #FBI Somebody change my mind.… posted 2m ago by  The TRUTH FACTORY 🏭   via   Tweets by ‎@mikenov   Al's Café Americain™✌  @therealADWarren Michael Novakhov retweeted: #FBI Singles Out #Conservative Agents In 'Purge,' Retaliates Against #Whistleblowers: GOP Lawmakers #FBICorruption… posted 2m ago by  Al's Café Americain™✌   via   Tweets by ‎@mikenov   Alexander Query  @AlexanderQuery Michael Novakhov retweeted: This is what Russia left behind in the Kharkiv Oblast. Pain, destruction, families separ