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The long and winding roads of the South Caucasus | Audio Posts: Armenians warily travel along “the new road” to Karabakh - September 4, 2023

  The long and winding road lyrics | YouTube   South Caucasus - GS   Armenians warily travel along “the new road” to Karabakh posted at 15:38:33 UTC   via For nearly 25 years, traffic between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh traveled along a road known as the Lachin Corridor. It was  constructed in 1998 , shortly after Armenians won the territory in a war with Azerbaijan, and funded by Armenian diaspora members with money raised at a telethon. Since then, it has represented a critical lifeline for the Armenian residents of Karabakh.  Selected Articles - Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on Inoreader - The News And Times South Caucasus after the two wars | Opinion Two significant developments have recently profoundly impacted security formation in the South Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s Karabakh Victory, and ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war on the region. After the Karabakh Victory and before the Russia-Ukraine War, the most important step in the field of security w