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Sex, Lies and Women at the CIA

  Sex, Lies and Women at the CIA posted at 20:44:11 UTC by  Jeff Stein   via   SpyTalk Share You may have seen yesterday’s bombshell story on sexual assaults of CIA women by their male bosses and so-called colleagues, which opened with a vivid, stomach-turning account of a woman accosted by a male officer trainee—a trainee!—in a stairwell at headquarters. In a very rare instance of a case emerging from the veil of CIA secrecy, Ashkan Bayatpour was arrested, prosecuted and convicted on a Virginia state misdemeanor charge of assault and battery, the A.P. reported. Many others have escaped justice, aided by the CIA. Ashkan Bayatpour in court “At least two-dozen women have come forward in recent months with their own complaints of abusive treatment within the CIA,  telling authorities and Congress  not only about sexual assaults, unwanted touching and coercion but of what they contend is a campaign by the spy agency to keep them from speaking out, with dire warnings it could wreck their ca