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Remarkable footage: Putin clearly experiences TARDIVE DYSKINESIA. Can SLE be considered as Putin's provisional diagnosis?

#Remarkable footage: #Putin #clearly experiences #TARDIVEDYSKINESIA , which is THE SIGN OF USING THE #ANTIPSYCHOTICMEDICATION . Is he psychotic (off meds)? Is he a #CRAZY , #PSYCHOTIC man? Erdoğan keeps Putin waiting in awkward moment ahead of #TehranTalks — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) July 20, 2022 Tardive Dyskinesia | YT | Google Search The dyskinesias as the neurological symptom may also be the long term sequelae of the various toxicities, including with Dioxin, the substance that hypothetically Putin was poisoned with, according to my previous posts.  However, the skin on his body appears to be clean and free from Chloracne , which goes against the Dioxin toxicity, unless the cleaning and plastic operations were performed there too, which is unlikely.  Another explanation may be SLE :  Tardive dyskinesia: Etiology, risk factors, clinical features, and ... › contents › tardive-dyskinesia-... by A Deik — Tardive dyskinesia (T