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Pink slip for Putin | Машина Росгвардии сбила детей на электросамокате. Видео | Vietnam identifies new, highly transmissible variant of coronavirus | In victory for Trump, Republicans block probe of U.S. Capitol riot

#Russia Russia: Hand #Putin the #PinkSlip , it is #long #overdue ! See also: #Rosgvardia , #Zolotov , Zolotov, etc. — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) May 26, 2021 - pink slip for putin - Google Search — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) May 29, 2021 - Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on  Inoreader Buchanan: Merkel flips off Biden's protest - to buy Putin's gas - The Winchester Star posted at 12:21:16 UTC   via   "putin" - Google News Buchanan: Merkel flips off Biden's protest - to buy Putin's gas   The Winchester Star 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites): : Новости: Биолог предупредила о риске заражения коронавирусом через туалет на Олимпиаде posted at 12:21:15 UTC by  Андрей Стрельцов   via   Russia News and News In Russian from Michael_Novakhov (57 sites) Профессор Школы системной биологии Университета Джорджа Мейсона Анча Баранова в беседе с «Лентой

The New Abwehr Hypothesis of the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Lament of Admiral Canaris (from his by now certain grave): "Wear your masks and shut up about your "Victory", already! We could have won that war easily with the bacteriological weapons we already had at that time, but Hitler did not let us... It's all his fault!"

Did #Putin , via his henchman #Zolotov and his agents, #Russian #Mob , & #Oligarchs , start the " #Covid19 " #Pandemic , to conquer the #World for the #NewAbwehr ? Note the stylistic, #patterns forming continuity: Crimea, Ukraine wars, Elections 2016, Trump, Pandemic. #INVESTIGATE !!! — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) June 1, 2021 5th  Chief of the  Abwehr In office 1 January 1935 – 12 February 1944 Deputy Hans Oster Preceded by Conrad Patzig Succeeded by Georg Hansen Admiral Canaris - W | GS - — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) May 30, 2021 - #JoeBiden calls for #Full , #Transparent , #EvidenceBased #international (!!!) which exceeds the boundaries of the narrow intra-National outlooks and Services #investigation of #Covid -19 #Pandemic - Google Search — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) May 30, 2021 - Statement by President Joe Biden on the Investigation into th