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Danchenko is a telling name. - 8:40 AM 11/5/2021

8:40 AM 11/5/2021 - Post Link Danchenko is a telling name .  Igor Danchenko, a Russia analyst who gathered material for the Steele dossier, in Washington on October 2, 2020. " Dan -  дань " - a condescending tribute to the FBI for their "diligence" (possibly analogous with the Canaris ' " Duquesne spy ring ", a mocking tribute to the Duke of Marlboro Winston Churchill ).   Nemirovich ("NO PEACE" - with Ukraine-?)-Danchenko is a (criminal) Signature for  V. Surkov  who is the  GRU & Putin 's man, the nexus for " Terrorism-Intelligence Complex ", incl. Zolotov , Kadyrov , mafia - oligarchs , etc.   " Turn the tables on them : It is Ukraine which is behind the Trump Dossier & Trump Affair , not Erovinkin - Sechin & Russia " - #Putin issued the directive, & #Surkov carried it out & signed it: " #NemirovichDanchenko ".  I also suspect that it was the similar "turn the tables on

6:21 AM 11/5/2021 - #JOSSICA: Danchenko also worked at the Brookings Institution. He was close to Fiona Hill, who went on to be an official at the White House’s National Security Council specializing in Russian and European affairs, and became a star witness against Trump

Совещание с руководством Минобороны и предприятий ОПК • Президент России https://   15 h   Selected Tweets  Post Link -  6:21 AM 11/5/2021   Covid 19: জীবাণু বোমা নয় করোনা, চাঞ্চল্যক ... #China #Coronavirus #Covid19 #G20 #ODNI #TopNews #US #USIntelligence — Kolkata24x7 (@ekolkata24x7) October 30, 2021 CIA director meets in Moscow with top Russian official amid heightened tensions via @CBSPolitics — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 3, 2021 cia director burns - YouTube — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 3, 2021 cia director burns - YouTube — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 3, 2021 IT’S TIME FOR STRANGE SPY FACTS! BOOKSTORE AND LIBRARY EDITION! Avril_Haines, who once owned a bookstore (in Baltimore of all places), was first woman to serve as #CIA ’s Deputy Dire