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Michael Novakhov: Cold War 2: The newly adaptive STRATEGY on the part of the Russian Security Services. Comments to the article | How to cooperate With Russia's Security Agencies when you can't tell the cops from the robbers? - By Andrei Soldatov - The Moscow Times

Cold War 2: The newly adaptive STRATEGY on the part of the Russian Security Services.  Comments to the article By  Michael Novakhov  |  9:33 AM 5/14/2021 - Post Link The issue might be a bit deeper. The events of about past ten years , coinciding and probably resulting from the Putin's third Presidential term , are marked by the STRATEGIC change of the attitudes and interactions with the "West", returning pretty much to the previous confrontational model of relations in the Soviet times.  The causal factors of this change are not entirely clear yet, and they might have a lot to do with Putin's own personal perceptions, emotions, and decisions. At the root of this change in Putin's personal outlook may be the circumstances of the hypothetical (unproven and unpublicized, but appearing  evident to me) poisoning with Dioxin in 2010 (with  the   KUSHCHEVSKAYA massacre as the hypothetical retaliation for it by Putin's special forces, in my opinion ), which led to

Giuliani's son tells Russian state TV people don't want to live in America after FBI raided his dad | New trend: Recent Russian and Former USSR immigrants leave America: KGB calls its agents back to avoid their arrests - Google Search

FBI: Hurry up, detain and preserve the key sources of information, including the Trump - Russia Affair and the Capitol Riot among the most recent Russian Immigrants, many of whom are the part of the Russian Fifth Column in the US. KGB calls them back to preserve its assets.  With regard to the Giulianis, they look more and more like the long term Russian agents.  M.N. Tweets   by  ‎@mikenov  Michael Novakhov Retweeted DER SPIEGEL ✔ @derspiegel In mehreren deutschen Städten wurden zuletzt jüdische Menschen von Antisemiten für die Politik der israelischen Regierung angefeindet. Botschafter Jeremy Issacharoff fordert, die Sicherheit der Community zu gewährleisten. https://www. z/antisemitismus-israels-botschafter-in-deutschland-bittet-behoerden-um-schutz-a-b7626902-71fb-4d0b-a64e-c62398f7cf4f?  … 1 m   Michael Novakhov @mikenov Giuliani: 'What they did to us, they could