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Israel blasts Germany for declaring it will arrest Netanyahu - Tweets Review

Search inside image Germany Says Netanyahu Will be Arrested if He Sets Foot in Country | Firstpost America Watch Uploaded: May 24, 2024 · 47.8K Views ... , German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s office says they will abide by the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant order demanding the detention of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ... More @mikenov / Twitter @Jerusalem_Post: RT by @mikenov: Israel blasts Germany for declaring it will arrest Netanyahu. @BenWeinthal Read more>>… 2h @TOIAlerts: RT by @mikenov: Live update: IDF says troops in Gaza’s Jabaliya demolished Hamas general security HQ, raided home of top PIJ commander 2h @NKobserver: RT by @mikenov: Traffic backed up almost 2 km as tens of thousands march towards #Armenia prime minister residence at this moment. 2h @dw_russian: RT by @mikenov: Президент Франции Эмманюэль Макрон прилетел в Берлин - его визит должен был пройти еще в ию