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The calls by Mr. Gantz and others for the State Investigation of October 7 are reasonable, logical, and vitally needed - My Opinion

Search inside image October 7 | Al Jazeera Investigations Watch Uploaded: Mar 20, 2024 · 813K Views Hamas’s incursion into Israel on October 7 transformed the politics of the Middle East. Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) has carried out a forensic analysis of the events of that day – ... More 5.25.24 Before we get to the squabbles about the "assigning of responsibilities" stage, we have to get to the truth and to the realistic account, analysis, and understanding of the October 7 and its background . ( GS ) IMHO, the leading role of the GRU ( GRU ) in it is almost obvious, see the reviews of the open sources. ( ) This military operation was brilliantly and highly professionally designed, planned, and performed, as poignant it may be to admit it. There must be the adequate reasons for this display of the brutal rage, and some if not all of these reasons might be of the political nature, and might have something to do wit

Judge rules Menendez's prosecutors can't show 'critical' evidence - Saved Web Pages Review

Judge rules Menendez's prosecutors can't show 'critical' evidence posted at 11:08:48 UTC   via Stein found the Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause does not allow prosecutors to show jurors the evidence. The clause grants  members of Congress a form of immunity  that is mostly impenetrable in investigations relating to the official duties of lawmakers, their aides or other congressional officials. Coincidentally, Stein based his order on a 1979 Supreme Court case about another New Jersey Democrat accused of corruption. In that case, the high court ruled the speech or debate clause barred prosecutors from introducing certain evidence against Rep. Henry Helstoski, who had been accused of accepting bribes. Prosecutors had hoped to present the evidence in the Menendez case next week in the form of a summary of the years of text messages, phone records and other documents obtained during a multi-year investigation of the senator, his wife and various assoc

News Review In 100 Tweets - 6:02 AM 5/25/2024

Deputy chief of Russia’s General Staff arrested for ‘large-scale bribery’ as post-Shoigu purge continues — Novaya Gazeta Europe posted on May 23 2024 09:31:09 UTC   via The deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and head of its Main Directorate of Communications Vadim Shamarin has been detained on charges of “large-scale bribery”, Russian business news outlet RBC  reported  on Thursday morning. Tweets - The News And Times Review - @twoodiac: RT by @mikenov: It's a full-scale purge, and the FSB is winning, the MoD is losing. No surprise there, as Putin is FSB, not military.… It's a full-scale purge, and the FSB is winning, the MoD is losing. No surprise there, as Putin is FSB, not military.— Thomas Wood 🇺🇸 🌊 🇺🇦 (@twoodiac) May 24, 2024 posted 5h ago by  @twoodiac   via   (@mikenov) / Twitter   @TreasChest: RT by @mikenov: Partial m