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Operation Trump: The New Abwehr - Mossad Hypothesis

Search inside image Trump and Netanyahu -- a match made in heaven? | The Times of Israel Visit - Operation Trump: The New Abwehr - Mossad Hypothesis   Trump-Netanyahu ring Michael Novakhov @mikenov #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT #Israel #World #USA #POTUS #DOJ #FBI #CIA #DIA #ODNI #Mossad #Putin #Russia #GRU #Ukraine #SouthCaucasus #NewAbwehr #Bloggers Trump-Netanyahu ring who stole the Election 2016 smells of the ties with the Russian Speaking Israeli Jewish Organized Crime Group - the Criminal Russian Oligarchs , who are all connected, one way or the other, with the KGB . So, every one is correct from the investigative point of view : It is Mafia + KGB + Russia + Israel . The Supreme Manager and Designer of this structure and its operations is the New Abwehr , IMHO. https:// ow=1&sca

The Belousov's "high precision" revenge and warning, or the ballistic aspects of the Trump assassination attempt of 7.13.24 - My Opinion and Questions - News Review In 100 Tweets

  Flight of the Bumblebee - nytimes image of bullet flying past Trump - Google Search — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) July 14, 2024 - Bullets in flight photos - GS and Trump — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) July 14, 2024 - An annotated photo showing what appears to be a projectile passing by Donald J. Trump during a rally in Butler, Pa., on Saturday. Credit... Doug Mills/The New York Times Photo Appears to Capture Path of Bullet Used in Assassination Attempt   "Michael Harrigan, a retired F.B.I. special agent, said the image captured by Doug Mills, a New York Times photographer, seems to show a bullet streaking past former President Donald J. Trump.  In Mr. Harrigan’s last assignment, he led the bureau’s firearms training unit and currently works as a consultant in the firearms industry. “Given the circumstances, if that’s not showing the bullet’s path through the air, I don’t know