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10:11 AM 11/6/2023 - Russia benefits from war in Gaza. Was that the plan all along? ... Opinion | Putin Is Getting What He Wants ... Putin Unleashes Record Bombing in Ukraine as the World Watches Gaza ... Analysis: Hamas’s asymmetric warfare against Israel – lessons from Ukraine

Russia benefits from war in Gaza. Was that the plan all along? posted at 14:50:13 UTC   via It’s been four weeks since Hamas attacked Israel  on Oct. 7 . The fog of war is still very thick. Weeks into the war, we still don’t know many details of either the attack itself or its planning.  Yet there is one aspect of the  bacchanalia of brutality  of that day that experts, professional militaries and astute observers agree on:  Hamas did not act on its own. No terrorist organization can make such a dramatic leap forward in its operational planning and execution capabilities without help from the outside.   Currently, the conventional wisdom states the force helping Hamas to achieve spectacular success was  Iran . Iran has  denied connections  to the attacks, but members of Hamas and Hezbollah  say otherwise . But is their admission enough to conclude with certainty that Iran was the only helping hand in the operation? Does that admission make sense tactically and strategical