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3:44 AM 1/6/2024 - Selected Articles: America has a McGonigal problem ... N.Y. AG calls for $370M fine against Trump and lifetime ban from real estate industry ... Gantz against Netanyahu: He must choose between unity and security - and politics ... Kadyrov offers to exchange 20 Ukrainian prisoners of war for lifting sanctions against his family

America has a McGonigal problem posted on Jan 05 2024 06:53:37 UTC by  Mike Nova   via   JOSSICA – The Journal of the Open Source Strategic Intelligence and Counterintelligence Analysis The case of Charles McGonigal is bigger than one corrupt FBI agent. In fact, it’s bigger than the entire FBI. The legal case against Charles McGonigal, the FBI’s former New York counterintelligence chief — a scandal that launched a thousand conspiracy theories — is beginning to wind down. Last week, a judge in the Southern District of New York sentenced McGonigal to 50 months in prison; a second judge in Washington, DC, is expected to sentence McGonigal on a different set of charges in February. But the bigger story — about transnational flows of money, intelligence, and influence, and the weakness of the legal and ethical firewalls that are supposed to constrain them — is just beginning. The two McGonigal indictments offer a rare glimpse of the inner workings of the Acela corridor, a global bazaar wher