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3:49 PM 2/22/2021 - Opinion—How will we look back on the Capitol breach?

3:49 PM 2/22/2021 Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on  Inoreader Opinion—How will we look back on the Capitol breach? posted at 20:38:35 UTC   via   Google Alert - Investigations of the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021 In twenty years, thirty years, how will we look back at the beginning of  2021 ? I think the breach of the U.S.  Capitol  will be one of the most significant ... police or other law enforcement officers who attended the  demonstration  on  Jan . ... Each of the rioters will continue to be under  investigation  until they are ... ReutersVideo's YouTube Videos: Garland to oversee DOJ at 'existential moment' posted at 20:36:56 UTC by ReutersVideo   via   Video News From:   ReutersVideo Duration:  01:59 Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin said that Merrick Garland, the nominee for attorney general, if confirmed, would oversee a Justice Department at an 'existential moment’ after it became the ‘Trump Department of Justice’ in the last four y