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Netanyahu’s Deal With Putin Goes Wrong

  Netanyahu’s Deal With Putin Goes Wrong posted at 15:48:08 UTC   via The Hamas massacres in the Israeli south that killed more than 1,400 Israeli civilians and members of the Israeli Defense Forces on October 7th constituted the worst day of violence against Jews since the Holocaust. The terrorist incursion also had the effect of undermining multiple long-standing and delicate balancing acts of regional diplomacy, which rested upon logic, predicates and assumptions that turned out to be delusional. The efficacy and wisdom of the neutrality entente between Moscow and Jerusalem, formerly a pillar of regional security arrangements, suddenly looks a lot less rational or defensible than it did to Israeli leaders before the attack. Israel’s steadfast commitment to a doctrine of non-intervention in the wars raging in Eastern Europe and the Middle East was a key part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu’s regional security policy. The original entente reflected the con

Massive rocket attack all across central Israel today

  Massive rocket attack all across central Israel today - GN   Search inside image Megatron on X: "BREAKING: Massive Rocket Attack all across Central Israel!" / X  Visit The Jerusalem Post Israel at war: Hamas fires massive barrage of rockets at Tel Aviv Over 1400 murdered, more than 5400 wounded • IDF: 222 captives in Gaza • Two captives released overnight. . LIVE 21 mins ago The Times of Israel Fighting appears to ramp back up as rockets barrage Tel Aviv area, Gaza strikes widen IDF head: Ground push held up by 'tactical, strategic' factors * Settlement home hit by rocket * Macron floats int'l coalition against Hamas * Freed... . LIVE 47 mins ago Sky News Israel-Gaza latest: Elderly hostage describes 'hell' of being kidnapped - but says Hamas militants treated her 'gently' Hamas has released two more hostages - elderly Israeli women Yocheved Lifshitz and Nurit Coo