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Why Russia Will Lose Kaliningrad - COMPILATION Video - via The Military Show

  Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on   Inoreader Why Russia Will Lose Kaliningrad - COMPILATION posted at 12:28:40 UTC by  The Military Show   via   The Military Show 00:00:00 - Why Russia Will Lose Kaliningrad 00:30:59 - Putin Wants Alaska Back! 00:49:23 - How Sweden Joining NATO Destroys PUTIN 01:08:19 - What Will Happen if Russia Collapses 01:27:41 - Putin's “PRIDE” leads to “HUGE” Losses at Avdiivka 01:55:50 - What If the Soviet Union Reunited Today 02:15:35 - Why Russia Isn't Actually Collapsing 02:39:42 - Russia's Top Nuke Targets 02:58:22 - How Poland is Preparing for Full Scale War Against Russia #themilitaryshow @TheStudyofWar: RT by @TheStudyofWar: Russian forces recently made additional tactical gains northwest of Avdiivka and reportedly advanced further in the area as of April 26. Geolocated footage published on April 26 indicates that Russian forces recently made marginal advances within central Solovyove (northwest of… posted at 12:29:35 UTC by  @TheS