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DOJ lead prosecutor: Yes, it was sedition

Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on  Inoreader Biden Administration To Unveil Expansive $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan posted at 12:14:22 UTC by  Noel King   via   Morning Edition : NPR President Biden is making his opening pitch for an infrastructure plan that could eventually reshape the U.S. economy. It also reframes the idea of infrastructure beyond simply roads and bridges. New York State Orders Police To Develop Local Plans For Reform posted at 12:14:22 UTC by  Charles Lane   via   Morning Edition : NPR After the death of George Floyd, New York mandated that every police department in the state launch a "reform and reinvention" process by April 1. Now, many advocates have become disillusioned. Italy expels two Russian officials over alleged purchase of secret files posted at 12:15:21 UTC by  Angela Giuffrida in Rome   via   World news | The Guardian Italian navy captain arrested for allegedly handing over confidential documents for cash Italy has expelled two