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The New Abwehr Hypothesis of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Info-Bio-Warfare.

Did #Putin , via his henchman #Zolotov and his agents, #Russian #Mob , & #Oligarchs , start the " #Covid19 " #Pandemic , to conquer the #World for the #NewAbwehr ? Note the stylistic, #patterns forming continuity: Crimea, Ukraine wars, Elections 2016, Trump, Pandemic. #INVESTIGATE !!! — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) June 1, 2021 The seropositive status for Sars-Cov-2 is not directly translatable or identical, in full or in part, with the " Covid-19 " as the clinical entity, the "disease", with its many and various manifestations , from cardio-pulmonary to blood, to GI , to CNS, to skin, etc. This basic but still hypothetical nosological link has to be examined, anew, and in the light of this blessed and enlightened, descended finally from the our collective cognitive Olympic Wisdom admission, that the Pandemic 2019 may not be due to "natural causes", or not entirely, but the manmade one, in its various and m