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Charles McGonigal sends top FBI bosses into a frenzy - via

Charles McGonigal sends top FBI bosses into a frenzy posted at 21:25:14 UTC   via Published: 18:35 GMT, 27 January 2024 | Updated: 18:36 GMT, 27 January 2024 Anxious  FBI  chiefs are trawling through 'numerous' top-level investigations spanning 22 years for fear they were compromised by convicted bureau spook Charles McGonigal, can reveal. The forensic clean-up operation ranges over the entire time the  philandering  former head of counterintelligence in New York worked for the agency. McGonigal, 55, has already been sentenced to four years and two months in prison for taking money and conspiring with a sanctioned Russian oligarch who is a crony of despot President Vladimir  Putin . But the full possible repercussions of his treachery are outlined in a sentencing memorandum by the US government for another case in Washington  DC , where he will be sentenced on February 16. Prosecutors are demanding he gets another 30 months jail time and a $95,00

Mossad chief discussed Iran with Biden in hour-long meeting - via "Yossi Cohen and Netanyahu" - Google News

  Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on   Inoreader Mossad chief discussed Iran with Biden in hour-long meeting posted at 15:26:47 UTC   via Mossad Director Yossi Cohen had a full hour-long meeting with US President Joe Biden over the weekend,  The Jerusalem Post  has learned. Channel 12 first reported late Saturday that there had been an interaction between the two on Friday in the course of Cohen’s other meetings but the US State Department declined to comment on the meeting or even to confirm that it had taken place. Next, a spokesman for the US National Security Council said that Biden had merely dropped by unplanned during another of Cohen’s meetings to convey condolences regarding the  Mount Meron disaster. This description appeared to attempt to underplay the significance of the meeting as less substantive and more a courtesy moment before getting on with the day’s work. Despite these after-the-fact characterizations, and a clear attempt by at least some Biden