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From South Brooklyn AI To Russia (And Putin) With Love: @SussiFabio: RT by @mikenov: @rusembitaly #Putin schifoso bastardo, criminale, porco, assassino. Ed ha pure il cazzo piccolo!!

Image #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT #Israel Israel #World World #USA USA #POTUS POTUS #DOJ DOJ #FBI FBI #CIA CIA #DIA DIA #ODNI ODNI Mossad #Mossad Putin #Putin Russia #Russia #GRU GRU Ukraine #Ukraine #SouthCaucasus #NewAbwehr Caucasus New Abwehr - 9:17… — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) December 15, 2023   Google fined $164,000 for failing to store user data inside Russia posted at 15:41:05 UTC   via An illuminated Google logo is seen inside an office building in Zurich, Switzerland December 5, 2018. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann/File Photo  Acquire Licensing Rights MOSCOW, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Google  (GOOGL.O)  was fined 15 million roubles ($164,000) on Tuesday for repeated refusal to store Russian users' data on servers inside Russia, a Moscow court said. Russia has repeatedly clashed with foreign technology companies over content, censorship, data and local representation in a simmering dispute that intensified after Moscow sent

Is Charles McGonigal’s guilty plea a cover-up for the October Surprise 2016? THIS FEELS LIKE A BRAZEN FBI COVERUP! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!

Charles McGonigal - Google Search - News   Charles McGonigal and the October Surprise 2016 The News And Times - December 15, 2023 2:49 AM |  Selected Articles Review – The News And Times  |  Expanded View  |  RSS Page  |  Blog   Tweets Review – The News And Times  –   RSS Page  |  Tweets – @mikenov  |  All Articles  |  Links   Charles McGonigal and the October Surprise 2016 Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova)   8/20/2023 09:22:00 AM   Post Link  |  My Opinion : The  WeinerGate  should be a part of the  RICO charges against Trump and his circle . This story behind the  October Surprise 2016  appears to be the central and direct part of the  Trumpian criminal conspiracy . #WeinerGate  should be considered as the Federal or NYState  #RICO  charges against  #Trump , and they should be included in SC Jack Smith’s mandate and the focus of attention. The FBI itself(!), namely and still hypothetically at this point, McGonigal, late Kallstrom, his very interesting organization of