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States can’t kick Trump off ballot, Supreme Court says - Selected 200 brief articles

States can’t kick Trump off ballot, Supreme Court says posted at 17:50:50 UTC   via The result — which came one day before the Super Tuesday primaries — was expected. During oral arguments on Feb. 8, justices across the ideological spectrum  signaled that they were uncomfortable  with allowing individual states to assess the eligibility of presidential candidates accused of insurrection. Monday’s 13-page opinion echoed that concern. Allowing states to make that judgment could result in an inconsistent and dangerous patchwork of conflicting rulings, with a candidate appearing on some states’ ballots but not on others, the court wrote. “An evolving electoral map could dramatically change the behavior of voters, parties, and States across the country, in different ways and at different times,” the court’s principal opinion said. No individual justice was listed as the author of that opinion; instead, the opinion was labeled as “per curiam,” a legal phrase meaning on behalf