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Mr. Shvets seconded my thesis, FBI has enough grounds to investigate.

Search inside image Yuri Shvets, Top Former KGB Official Tells All in Blockbuster New #1 Bestseller | APB Speakers Visit Images may be subject to copyright.  Learn More Mr. Shvets  apparently seconded my thesis and/or he has the same suspicions.  FBI has enough grounds to investigate.  It has to be considered that, if Mr. Biden (and quite possibly , other politicians), hypothetically, was subjected  to the effects of the specially designed direct(ed) energy weapon, (as it is also suspected in Havana Syndrome) in the course of his campaigning, these changes can accumulate over time, and they can continue to accumulate. It appears like something definitely more than just the stress of campaigning, tiredness, and age. During the debate Mr. Biden looked noticeably different than in his other appearances. If these suspicions are true, the impact can be enormous.  M.N. - Mr. Shvets seconded my thesis: #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT #News #Times #W