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REvil: Russian Evil, Sodinokibi: So Odinoki Bi: The So Lonely Bisexual - 9:21 AM 6/3/2021

REvil - also known as Sodinokibi  are the ironic, some - Russian sounding telling words:  REvil: Russian and/or Real Evil,  Sodinokibi : So Odinoki Bi: The So Lonely Bisexual  Some clues indicate that these words might not be the production of the native Russian speaker, but possibly Israeli.  M.N. |  9:21 AM 6/3/2021 - Post Link -

7:48 AM 6/3/2021 - Tweets

Tweets   by  ‎@mikenov  Michael Novakhov Retweeted Известия ✔ @izvestia_ru В Астраханской области 10 населенных пунктов остались без электричества и газоснабжения из-за пыльной бури, сильного дождя, ветра и грозы: https:// ource=twitter&utm_medium=social  … 12 h    Michael Novakhov Retweeted Washington Post Opinions ✔ @PostOpinions VMI must act on a report revealing its "racist and sexist culture," the Editorial Board writes https://   Opinion | VMI must act on a report revealing its ‘racist and sexist culture’ A damning report is followed by the usual denialism. Virginia leaders must act. 12 h    Michael Novakhov Retweeted New York Daily News ✔ @NYDailyNews New York taxpayers are on the hook for Gov. Cuomo's legal costs. Cuomo faces multiple investigations into his administration’s handling of COVID nursing home deaths and other probes. https://www. new-york-elections-governm