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The Stasi AND the New Abwehr Hypothesis

Post Link The Stasi AND the New Abwehr Hypothesis   Putin and Stasi  | Merkel and Stasi  |  Putin as German Stasi Agent   Germany’s spy state lives on Sunday August 15 th , 2021  at  6:49 AM 1 Share The world’s democracies are in retreat. But there’s always hope when popular protests break out in the corrupt dictatorships of Africa, Asia and Latin America, or in authoritarian socialist regimes such as Belarus, Nicaragua and Cuba. Freedom House, a think tank that promotes democratic practices, reports that freedom across the globe has declined for 15 straight years. Last year, 18 countries suffered declines in democratic trends, while six improved. Recent additions to this rollback range from Hungary in the European Union to Turkey, Hong Kong, and Myanmar. The most successful at quelling dissent are military-backed regimes and those devoted to totalitarian ideologies, of which the standouts are China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela. Three decades ago, it was a different story, as the Sovi