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The October Surprise 2016 as the battering ram strategy

Search inside image Netanyahu: Trump 'feels very warmly' about Israel | CNN Politics Visit  - Search inside image James Comey's October Surprise | The New Yorker Visit  The October Surprise 2016 as the battering ram strategy - GS - Netanyahu & Co installed Trump in 2016 ... #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT #Israel #World #USA #POTUS #DOJ #FBI #CIA #DIA #ODNI #Mossad #Netanyahu #Putin #Russia #GRU #Ukraine #SouthCaucasus #NewAbwehr #Bloggers #PoliticalPsychology #PoliticalPersonology … — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) January 27, 2024 - Netanyahu & Co installed Trump in 2016, with the help of Mossad under Yossi Cohen and the Trump-Land FBI under James Kallstrom. They used Trump - Russia story as the well constructed, elaborate cover, with Putin's tacit cooperation. Most importantly, they also used "Clinton emails in the Abedin - Weiner laptop" story as the decisive battering ram tool of the October S

Israel’s Intelligence Disaster ... The Transformation of Diplomacy ... The Rebirth of Russian Spycraft ... Spycraft and Statecraft - via ... Enemy drone that killed US troops in Jordan was mistaken for a US drone, preliminary report suggests - Saved Web Pages Review - The News And Times

Saved Web Pages - Articles In Full Israel’s Intelligence Disaster posted at 11:52:06 UTC   via Hamas’s devastating terrorist attack against Israel has unleashed the most violent and serious conflict the country has seen in half a century. Already, at least 1,000 Israelis (and 14 U.S. citizens) have been killed. It is an astronomical number for such a small country—equivalent to 30,000 Americans. About 2,900 more Israelis have been injured and an estimated 150 others, including toddlers, grandmothers, and foreign nationals, have been taken hostage. Meanwhile, at least 900 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, and another 4,500 have been injured. These figures are likely to rise. Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu  has declared war, launched deadly airstrikes on the Gaza Strip—a densely populated Palestinian area controlled by Hamas that has been blockaded by Egypt and Israel for 16 years—and vowed to turn Hamas strongholds into ruins. With Hamas r