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Netanyahu: Attacking Rafah necessary to return captives - Selected Articles

  Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on   Inoreader Netanyahu: Attacking Rafah necessary to return captives posted at 17:59:02 UTC by  Al Jazeera English   via   Al Jazeera English Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the capture of the Rafah crossing is an “important step” towards “dismantling Hamas”. Netanyahu added military pressure on Hamas is a necessary condition for “the return of our captives”. The proposal Hamas agreed to on a ceasefire “falls far short of Israel’s essential demands”, the beleaguered Israeli leader said. The involvement of both the Americans and Egyptians has made the conflict deeply personal, leading to significant pressure on Israel and Hamas. While Hamas seeks a complete end to the war, Israel is adamant that the conflict is not yet over. For Benjamin Netanyahu, the situation in Rafah holds immense political significance. Entering Rafah could allow him to claim victory, which is crucial for his political survival. On the other hand, avoidi