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Man 'has penis bitten off and eaten by pet dog' - Tweets Review

  Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) / Twitter @mikenov: RT @VaticanNews: Gospel of the Day (Luke 16,19-31) "Oh no, father Abraham, but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.' T… 10m @mikenov: RT @tribelaw: My take on @Lawrence on how SCOTUS mishandled Trump’s autocratic claim of presidential immunity from criminal prosecution of… 11m @mikenov: RT @haaretzcom: For the first time in its 76-year history, Israel has the opportunity to substantially improve its strategic situation and… 12m @mikenov: RT @jaketapper: It’s Thursday, Feb 29, 2024. WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich was detained by the FSB Mar 29, 2023. 337 DAYS AGO. FREE EVAN… 14m @mikenov: RT @VaticanNews: Holy See: Religious freedom is violated in one third of the world 14m @mikenov: RT @GolosAmeriki: Европарламент: руководство РФ и лично Путин несут ответственность за смерть Навального 15m @