Take Orthodox Judaism out of politics: it is not a religion but the professional association of MONEY LAUNDERERS and the tool of the Russian Speaking Mafia!

The Delicate Power of Modern Orthodox Judaism | Harvard Divinity Bulletin

Orthodox Judaism as the religious-political movement, in my opinion, was established by the traditionally half-Jewish Abwehr before WW2 specifically for the purposes of espionage and money laundering
Today the Orthodox Jews, primarily in Israel and the US,  serve and fulfill these duties for Putin, who is the New Abwehr Agent or STASI Agent himself, unwitting or otherwise. They became "the Putin's Jews", his tool and the cover for the Godfather Putin's Russian Speaking Mob Worldwide, which the FBI calls the Transnational Organized Crime - TOC. Call them as you wish but develop the clear and the operational understanding of what they really are. 

Links #OrthodoxJudaism as the religious-#PoliticalMovement, in my #opinion, was established by the traditionally #halfJewish #Abwehr before #WW2 #specifically for the purposes of #espionage and #MoneyLaundering. Today the #OrthodoxJews, primarily in #Israel and the #US,  serve and fulfill these duties for #Putin, who is the #NewAbwehr #Agent himself, #unwitting or otherwise. They became "the #PutinJews", his tool and the cover for the #GodfatherPutin's #RussianSpeakingMobWorldwide, which the #FBI calls the #TransnationalOrganizedCrime - #TOC. Call them as you wish but develop the clear and the #operational #understanding of what they really are. #MichaelNovakhov #NewsReview: Israel and Orthodox Judaism -

from Michael Novakhov

Google Searches - Orthodox Judaism

Orthodox Jews and Money Laundering

Orthodox Judaism: Putin's Jews

Orthodox Judaism and its role in sabotaging the Middle East Peace

Orthodox Judaism as the creation of Abwehr

Take Judaism out of the Israeli politics, and take Islam out of Arab politics!

The far-rightists and religious hypocrites sponsoring the extremists have no place in Israeli, Arab, and Middle East politics!

Orthodox Judaism is not a religion, it is the professional association of MONEY LAUNDERERS and the tool of the Russian Speaking Mafia!

Orthodox Judaism as the cover for the Mafia State Israel


Putin's Stasi spy ID pass found in Germany - BBC News


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