Selected Articles - 3:33 AM 12/8/2022 | ‘A lot of quality leads’ in University of Idaho homicide case


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An Idaho state police spokesperson said Tuesday that investigators have “a lot of quality leads” regarding the Moscow, Idaho, homicides.

According to CNN, authorities have not yet named a suspect or found the murder weapon, but they are continuing to make progress. Idaho State Police spokesperson Aaron Snell said, “We’re continuously making progress. … But this is a criminal investigation, and as we make progress, we can’t always provide that information.”

Snell also said that this case was “absolutely not” at the point of a cold case.

On Tuesday, Moscow Police Chief Jim Fry did an updated interview about the homicide investigations. Fry said that he would collect and remove some of the victims’ belongings and return them to the victims’ families.

This will begin on Wednesday morning.

When asked about what stage of the investigation the investigators were at, Fry responded, “We’re still gathering information, we’re still gathering tips, we’re still gathering evidence.”

On Sunday, Nov. 13, at noon, Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen were found dead inside a Moscow, Idaho, residence. The four were University of Idaho students. The police have not apprehended a suspect. Per the Deseret News, investigators believe that an edged blade was used during the suspected homicide.

According to the Deseret News, authorities responded to a 911 call reporting an unconscious body. When officers went to investigate, they found the bodies of the four students. CBS News reported that Moscow Mayor Art Bettge said the students likely died hours before noon, somewhere between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

The Latah County coroner released the autopsy results and listed the causes of death as “homicide — murder.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, Moscow officials say that they do not have a suspect in custody and do not have the murder weapon. Two roommates were in the residence when the attack occurred. Officials do not believe that either of these roommates were involved in the homicides.


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Images of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia wearing heavy makeup have been banned after the government deemed them “extremist.”
Images of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia wearing heavy makeup have been banned after the government deemed them “extremist.”Credit...Denis Doyle/Getty Images

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has gone to great lengths to cultivate an image of authority and masculinity.

Photos showing him bare-chested and riding a horse have become an online meme. Other widely publicized pictures show him in scuba diving gear, carrying a rifle with a scope or taking down an opponent in martial arts.

So when a Russian named Alexander V. Tsvetkov posted photos and comments last year depicting Mr. Putin quite differently on VKontakte, the country’s largest social network, the authorities took notice.

The Central District Court of Tver ruled that a number of the images — including one depicting the Russian leader wearing lipstick, eye shadow and fake eyelashes — were “extremist.” Last month, the Justice Ministry took it a step further and updated its federal list of extremist materials. Offenders face a fine of up to 3,000 rubles ($53) or 15 days of administrative detention.

Among the banned materials? Image No. 4072, which Russian officials described as a poster resembling Mr. Putin “with makeup on his face — his eyelashes and lips are painted, which, as envisioned by the author/authors of the poster, should hint to an alleged nonstandard sexual orientation of the Russian president.”

The poster of Mr. Putin in drag — reminiscent to some of Andy Warhol’s images of Marilyn Monroe — has been referred to widely on social media and by news outlets as a “gay clown,” with many noting this description is itself a stereotype.

Its clownishness and sexuality aside, the image seems squarely aimed at Mr. Putin’s carefully cultivated reputation of hypermasculinity. Indeed, Randall D. Law, a professor of history at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Ala., said on Thursday that it was clearly intended as a protest of the Russian leader’s crackdown on gays and lesbians.

In 2013, Mr. Putin signed laws banning gay couples from adopting Russian-born children, and allowing the police to arrest tourists and foreigners suspected of being gay or pro-gay and detain them for up to 14 days. He also signed a bill classifying “homosexual” propaganda as pornography, which could subject those who argued for tolerance or educating children about homosexuality to arrest and fines.

“There are a lot of ways you could visually attack him, but something that goes after his masculinity, anything that challenges his image as a hetero-normative male, in particular, will offend,” Mr. Law said. “This is a particularly sensitive point for Putin himself and for anybody in charge of policing his image.”

Kiosks sell posters of Mr. Putin projecting an aura of “machismo” for Russians to show off in their homes, he said.

“This is a guy who can drink a quart of vodka — even though he is a teetotaler — and wrestle a bear to the ground,” Mr. Law said.

The banning of the image fits two trends in Russia: the widespread quashing of freedom of expression by the government and the homophobia that is prevalent there, Gregory Vitarbo, a professor of history and Russia expert at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C., said in an email.

Mr. Putin is “notoriously vain,” he wrote, “so it is the perfect convergence: for Putin to be mocked in an image, and done so in a way that overtly invokes homosexuality, would indeed draw the particular ire of the regime.”



By Anna Noryskiewicz

December 7, 2022 / 6:59 AM / CBS News

Raid against Reichsbürger scene - Frankfurt Masked police officers escort Heinrich Reuss, also known as Prince Heinrich XIII, after his arrest and a raid of his home in Frankfurt, Germany, December 7, 2022. The Federal Prosecutor's Office has conducted raids targeting a terror group known as Reichsburger, which Reuss is accused of heading, for an alleged plot to overthrow the Germany government.  Boris Roessler/picture alliance/Getty

Berlin — Police have arrested at least 25 people tied to an alleged right-wing extremist plot to overthrow Germany's government. The group targeted in about 130 raids across Germany was described by prosecutors as being influenced by QAnon conspiracy theories and espousing a doctrine similar to that of far-right groups in the U.S. and across Europe.

Germany's Federal Prosecutor General is now investigating the suspected right-wing terror group, which calls itself Reichsbürger, for allegedly planning an attack on the Bundestag, Germany's parliament, as part of a violent coup to overthrow the government.

The investigators' trail leads to a member of a former Germany royal family as the purported figurehead, a former parliamentarian from the far-right AfD political party, and of particularly concern to the investigators, to former members of the German military's special forces.

Current members of Germany's special security services struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in what was a potentially dangerous series of raids.

Forces stormed apartments across the country, executing 25 arrest warrants and launching extensive searches.

Germany arrests far-right suspects, ex-soldiers over coup plot A police officer works during a raid in Berlin, Germany, December 7, 2022. Twenty-five suspects were arrested after coordinated raids in 11 federal states, including Thuringia, Hesse and Lower Saxony, the Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement. Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency/Getty

While only 25 people were detained, the Federal Prosecutor's Office has accused around 50 men and women of forming a terrorist organization with the intent of eliminating the constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany and establishing a new state modeled on the German Reich of 1871.

The group stands accused of planning to storm the Reichstag, or parliament building, as part of a wave of attacks aimed at precipitating civil war-like conditions in Germany. It also allegedly planned to attack the national power grid and to depose the federal government and take power by force.

The prosecutor's office said the group had already selected members to fill important ministerial posts in the new regime, from the moment of the "takeover."

Investigators have described the operation against the group as unprecedented in Germany: "Beyond all dimensions in terms of scope."

Because a significant number of the group's alleged members are former soldiers of the Germany armed forces, including special forces, it has been treated as a particularly dangerous organization. Investigators had indications before the raids that the suspects were armed with a variety of weapons, some of which were legally owned.

Given the security concerns, in addition to task forces from the Federal Police's antiterrorism unit GSG 9, officers from several special forces (SEK) of the German states were also deployed to carry out the arrests and ensure security during searches. A total of about 3,000 security forces carried out the raids.

The central figure of the group is Heinrich Reuss, who calls himself Prince Heinrich XIII. He's the scion of a long-established but minor German royal household from what is now Thuringia, in eastern Germany. The 71-year-old has publicly advocated his "Reichsbürger" theses for several years, which suggests the modern German state is illegitimate and that the old royal lineage from the 19th century must be restored to power.

Raid against Reichsbürger scene - Frankfurt During a raid against the so-called "Reichsburger" group, a police officer sits in a police vehicle with key suspect Heinrich Reuss, or Prince Heinrich XIII, after searching his home and detaining him. Boris Roessler/picture alliance/Getty

In 2019, for example, he declared at a forum in Switzerland that the Federal Republic was not a sovereign state, but still controlled by the Western allies from World War II. In another video still circulating online, he refers to the German state and the country's judiciary branch as "companies."

Reuss was earmarked by the Reichsbürger terror group targeted in Wednesday's raids to become the new state regent after its takeover of the country, investigators said. Reuss works as an independent financial adviser in Frankfurt and owns a hunting lodge in Thuringia. Members of the group are reported to have met at the lodge several times over the course of this year.

A kind of "shadow cabinet" is said to have been formed, with Reuss at the helm.

Particularly explosive was the allegation that the group intended to install as the head of a new national justice department the former AfD member of the Bundestag, Birgit Malsack-Winkemann. She has worked as a judge in Berlin since leaving the Bundestag last year. Previous attempts by the Berlin regional senate to have her removed as a judge, due to anti-democratic and other political statements she has made from the bench, have failed.

CBS Reports presents "Reverb | The QAnon Effect" 25:31

One of the leading suspects swept up in the raids was Rüdiger von P., who commanded a German paratrooper battalion in the early 1990s until it was absorbed into the then-newly-founded national commando special forces (KSK). He was dismissed from the Bundeswehr at the time after being found to have stolen weapons from the military's stocks.

Some suspected members of the group had already made public appearances as agitators at recent protests against Germany's anti-coronavirus measures. For example, a former military colonel and member of the special forces named by prosecutors as Maximilian E. publicly advocated at one protest to send Germany's special forces to "clean up the mess" in the national government.

Due to the large number of suspects and the large number of arrest warrants executed on Wednesday, the raids will pose a considerable logistical challenge for the judiciary and law enforcement authorities involved. All those arrested must now be brought before an investigating judge by the end of the following day, Thursday, under German law. It will be up to those judges to decide whether the individuals can be held in pre-trial detention. 

2022-12-06T15:33:51Z The suspect accused of killing five people inside a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub last month before patrons stopped the attack was formally charged on Tuesday with murder, hate crimes and assault. The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, appeared for a hearing in El Paso District Court where the charges against the 22-year-old were read. Aldrich […]

The post Colorado suspect formally charged for LGBTQ club shooting that killed five first appeared on FBI Reform.

Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Oil Depot

Earlier today, an allegedly Ukrainian drone struck a Russian oil depot located on a military base about 93 miles or 150 kilometers inside of Russia. The Dec. 6 strike, which led to a massive blast caught on tape, comes the day after two Russian military bases, in Ryazan and Saratov, were struck by drones. According to […]

The post Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Oil Depot first appeared on FBI Reform.

From: Euronews
Duration: 2:18

Civilian and energy infrastructure was targeted in the regions of Kyiv, Odessa, Vinnytsya, and Zaporizhzhia. A few hours before this wave of missiles, Ukrainian forces likely conducted strikes on Russian strategic airbases.


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6597560 1. VIDEO NEWS from Michael_Novakhov (74 sites)
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House lawmakers delayed a vote that was expected to be held Tuesday on the Respect for Marriage Act, the Senate-passed legislation protecting same-sex marriage. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane discussed.

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Daily Mail Online @MailOnline
Egg is 'thrown at King Charles' AGAIN
Olena Zelenska was honored with Hillary Rodham Clinton Award |  Odessa Journal

The suspected gunman accused of killing five people in a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, last month has been formally charged with 305 counts, including murder, attempted murder, assault and bias-motivated crimes.

Driver recognized from sex ad arrested for prostitution: Independence Police Blotter
How Reuters measured the impact of French police fines  Yahoo Finance
Germany's Scholz sees new mood within EU on Western Balkans accession  Yahoo Finance
Germany's Scholz confident will get solution to U.S. Inflation Reduction Act - Reuters
Germany's Scholz confident will get solution to U.S. Inflation Reduction Act  Reuters
Antisemitic celebrities stoke fears of normalizing hate

A surge of anti-Jewish vitriol, spread by a world-famous rapper, an NBA star and other prominent people, is stoking fears that public figures are normalizing hate and ramping up the risk of violence in a country already experiencing a sharp increase in antisemitism. Leaders of the Jewish community in the U.S. and extremism experts have […]

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Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Oil Depot

Earlier today, an allegedly Ukrainian drone struck a Russian oil depot located on a military base about 93 miles or 150 kilometers inside of Russia. The Dec. 6 strike, which led to a massive blast caught on tape, comes the day after two Russian military bases, in Ryazan and Saratov, were struck by drones. According to […]

The post Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Oil Depot first appeared on The Puerto Rico Times.

Club Q shooting suspect charged with hate crimes

(NewsNation) — The suspect in the shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub has been charged with five counts of murder, as well as being charged with bias-motivated crimes. In court on Tuesday, prosecutors announced they would be charging Anderson Lee Aldrich with 305 charges, including murder, attempted murder, assault and bias-motivated crimes. Aldrich, who […]

The post Club Q shooting suspect charged with hate crimes first appeared on The Puerto Rico Times.

Idaho coed killer: FBI profiler reveals suspect’s likely attributes  Yahoo News


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