6:45 AM 1/18/2022 - Current Headlines: China leads in hosting DDoS cyberattack weapons

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Updated on: 6:45 AM 1/18/2022


Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene claim government staged 'fed-surrection' on January 6 - Daily Mail - Selected Articles Review
Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene claim government staged 'fed-surrection' on January 6 | Daily Mail Online
China finds ally in Germany following 'below radar' meeting: 'Let's work together' | Politics | News | Express.co.uk
Putin to Brief China's Xi on Russia-NATO Talks, Kremlin Says | World News | US News
Germany’s Baerbock in Kyiv discussing arms supplies
Pegasus used by Israel police against its own citizens - The Washington Post


NewsNation Now - Unbiased US News, Breaking News, Headlines & Video
REvil Ransomware Arrests: Russia Apprehends Alleged Colonial Pipeline Hacker - MSSP Alert
Malik Faisal Akram, Texas synagogue attacker, investigated by FBI, U.K. counterterrorism teams - The Washington Post


Russia Issues Subtle Threats More Far-Reaching Than a Ukraine Invasion - The New York Times


Cyberattack hits Ukraine as U.S. warns Russia could be prepping for war | SaltWire
RTL Today - Risk of escalation: EU warns Russia of 'robust' response as Ukraine crisis deepens
No lights, no heat, no money - that's life in Ukraine during...
Russia Arrests Hackers Tied to Major U.S. Ransomware Attacks, Including Colonial Pipeline Disruption - WSJ
Russia captures hacker likely responsible for Colonial Pipeline cyberattack
“Putin Does Not Take Europe Seriously” | Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation
Переговоры России с США, НАТО и ОБСЕ. Главные заявления - YouTube
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Cyberwar 2022 - Google Search
Russia - Ukraine Cyberwar 2022 - Google Search
США, НАТО и ОБСЕ - Google Search
NPR News: 01-15-2022 1PM ET
weather 11235 - Google Search
Police in Texas respond to synagogue hostage situation | Texas | The Guardian
synagogue in Colleyville, Texas - Google Search
texas - Google Search


Russia demands US, NATO response next week on Ukraine - The Washington Post
Lavrov threatens war - Google Search
OSCE (@OSCE) / Twitter
OSCE Meeting Ends, No Movement Made In Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine tensions: OSCE chair warns ′risk of war′ highest in 30 years | News | DW | 13.01.2022
osce - Google Search
Response to the Opening Address by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland Zbigniew Rau - U.S. Mission to the OSCE
osce - Google Search
Kazakstan: Tokayev’s Ascent to True Power | Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Biden officials weighing Russia sanctions options after warnings about economic fallout, heightened cyber risk for US and allies - KRDO
Ukraine hit by massive cyber attack | 'Massive' cyberattack hits Ukraine government websites | Ukraine says Russia is preparing 'provocations' - 7:31 AM 1/14/2022
Cyberwar 2022 - Google Search
Russia - Ukraine Cyberwar 2022 - Google Search
Russia - Ukraine Cyberwar 2022 - Google Search
Scholz and Putin - Google Search
10:09 AM 1/14/2022 - Tweets


В США поддержали идею возобновления работы миссий России и НАТО - РИА Новости, 12.01.2022
В Госдепе надеются, что США не придется вводить жесткие санкции против России - Газета.Ru | Новости
Despite Turmoil, No Exit Yet For Kazakhstan's 'Leader Of The Nation' Nursultan Nazarbaev
A top Russian diplomat says Russian deployments to Cuba, Venezuela can’t be excluded if tensions with US escalate | 8News
Sikorski sharply towards Lavrov. “If you try again you’ll get a kick in the balls” - SparkChronicles
Man claims his penis 'shrunk' after contracting COVID


nato russia council - Google Search
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg holds a news conference - YouTube
NATO - Russia Council Meeting, January 12, 2022 - Google Search
NATO - News: NATO-Russia Council meets in Brussels , 12-Jan.-2022
NATO head says differences with Russia will be hard to bridge | Reuters
NATO-Russia talks: Starting point or standoff? | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 11.01.2022
Russia sets out security demands at NATO meeting


Kazakh President Fires Rare Criticism At Predecessor After Unrest
Kazakh leader blames ex-president for creating ‘layer of wealthy people’
Токаев обвинил Назарбаева в коррупции - Google Search
Tokayev blames Nazarbayev - Google Search
Russia News Review – Front Page – LINKS | Kazakh President Fires Rare Criticism At Predecessor After Unrest | Kazakh leader blames ex-president for creating ‘layer of wealthy people’ - 7:48 AM 1/11/2022
Год без Айсултана Назарбаева. Рассуждая об уязвимости автократа
U.S.-Russian Security Talks: What We Know - The Moscow Times
Внук Назарбаева: 400 боевиков в горах - Google Search
Внук Назарбаева предупреждал о подготовке к захвату власти: «Окружение Ел Басы спонсирует группу в 400 салафитов, их прячут в горах и лесах» - KP.Ru
Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev attends a session of parliament in Nur-Sultan | U.S. & World | gazette.com
Main page — Official website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Токаев уволил первого замглавы администрации президента Абаева — РТ на русском
US Russia talks in Geneva - Google Search
Почему экс-президент Казахстана Нурсултан Назарбаев исчез из поля зрения
US Russia talks in Geneva - Google Search
The New York Times оценила переговоры России и США по безопасности - Газета.Ru | Новости
Russian Troops Will Stay to Finish Job in Kazakhstan, Putin Says - The New York Times
US ambassador to NATO says NATO and Russia 'committed to dialogue' ahead of talks Wednesday - KTVZ
Писатель Виктор Шендерович сообщил об отъезде из России
putinism - Google Search
folding wood bookshelves - Google Search
nato - Google Search
nato - Google Search


U.S. and Russia talks kick off in Geneva in bid to avert Ukraine invasion - The Washington Post
United States and Russia are meeting in Geneva 2022 - Google Search
US, Russian officials meet in Geneva as Ukraine tensions mount | Conflict News | Al Jazeera
US and Russian officials meet in Geneva amid Ukraine tensions | Euronews
sergei ryabkov - Google Search
Russia says initial talks with U.S. in Geneva 'complex but businesslike' | Reuters
сергей рябков - Google Search
сергей рябков - Google Search
United States and Russia are meeting in Geneva 2022 - Google Search
U.S.-Russia Hold Talks on Ukraine in Geneva: Live Updates - The New York Times
US, Russia meet in Geneva for talks amid tensions linked to Ukraine - New York Daily News
Рябков: Отклонений от сформулированных Россией подходов не будет — Российская газета
Denmark military intelligence - Google Search
Former head of Danish intelligence accused of leaking 'highly classified information' | Euronews
Россия остается для Китая рынком сбыта и поставщиком сырья | Eurasianet
Почему взорвался Казахстан
Россия и США не договорились по вопросу о нерасширении НАТО | Власть | Новости | Каспаров.Ru
Russia downplays threat to Ukraine in Geneva talks - BBC News
Russia warns it will end crisis talks on Ukraine early if US and NATO do not 'show flexibility'  | Daily Mail Online



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