Joshua Cohen: 'Me, U, Baku, Quba' - Tablet Magazine | Tom Barrack, chair of Trump inaugural committee, arrested on charges alleging he conspired to influence foreign policy positions to benefit UAE | DEA agent charged in Capitol riot

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Joshua Cohen: 'Me, U, Baku, Quba'  Tablet Magazine
What the Tom Barrack Arrest Means for Trump  Bloomberg
Barrack on His Ties to the Middle East  Bloomberg
Tom Barrack, chair of Trump inaugural committee, arrested on charges alleging he conspired to influence foreign policy positions to benefit UAE  Daily Press
DEA agent charged in Capitol riot  The Week Magazine
Yet Another Trump Ally, Tom Barrack, Arrested on Foreign Agent Charges: A Closer Look  Yahoo Entertainment


Prosecutors had evidence last year to charge prominent Trump ally Tom Barrack  kuna noticias y kuna radio


Nation Shocked by Existence of Trump Adviser Not Already Arrested  The New Yorker


Tom Barrack Arrested Days After Interview About Trump, Real Estate, Investing  Bloomberg


Barrack indictment puts new attention on U.A.E. interest in getting Donald Trump elected  Yahoo News
Trump associate Tom Barrack arrested on UAE lobbying charges  Middle East Eye


Barrack on His Ties to the Middle East  Bloomberg


Barrack arrested on foreign-agent charges - POLITICO  Politico


Trump cuts off one of his closest friends  POLITICO


Who Is Behind Trump’s Links to Arab Princes? A Billionaire Friend  The New York Times
An Analysis Of New Books About Donald Trump's Presidency  Iowa Public Radio

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Trump ally arrested on foreign lobbying charges Reuters  msnNOW
Trump ally Barrack arrested on foreign lobbying charges -U.S. Justice Department
Death toll in China floods climbs to 33 as rains spread and more cities call for help


Meteorologists warned that the rain is likely to intensify in other parts of China's Henan and in the neighboring province of Hebei.
<p>As the US Navy (USN) works towards the development of unmanned platforms, the service is focusing on the command-and-control (C2) of those systems and integrating them with traditional manned operations, according to Admiral Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations (CNO).</p> <p>“One of the key challenges for a hybrid fleet is going to be the ability to command and control it,” Adm Gilday said on 20 July during a Navy League 2021 Sea-Air-Space exposition virtual online “prequel” discussion in advance of the actual exposition, which is scheduled to take place from 1 to 4 August in Maryland.</p> <p>“What this really comes down to is information dominance, and to put us, the United States Navy, and actually the joint force, in a position where we can decide and act faster than an adversary,” Adm Gilday said.</p> <p>That C2 development is part of the Pentagon's Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) effort, which, the Congressional Research Service notes, is the Department of Defense's concept to connect sensors from all of the military service into a single network.</p> <p>“The navy's approach to JADC2 is to really build a communication-as-a-service framework,” Adm Gilday said. “What we're trying to do is create a network-agnostic system of systems that allows us to transfer any data over any system to an endpoint where an end-user is assisted by microprocessing – think applications – that allow him or her to decide and act very quickly, based on whatever function they're doing in the battle force.”</p>


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