Biden faces growing pressure to uncover COVID origins - Yahoo News posted at 15:12:45 UTC

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Biden faces growing pressure to uncover COVID origins  Yahoo News
Global Tax Deal Reached Among G7 Nations


The Group of 7 nations agreed to back a new minimum global minimum tax rate that companies would have to pay regardless of where they are based.
The United States is in danger of not meeting President Joe Biden's July 4 vaccination goal. Biden wants at least 70% of all adults (i.e. those aged 18 and above) to receive at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by that date.
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NPR News: 06-05-2021 9AM ET
Tourist critical after scooter hit-and-run amid rash of NYC traffic incidents  New York Post
Possible BB gun incidents reported | News |  Chino Champion
McEnany: Women in Biden admin get 'glowing' profiles after 'hit pieces' for female Trump officials  Fox News
  1. Donald Trump responds to Facebook ban by hinting at return to White House  The Guardian
  2. Trump's suspension from Facebook throws wrench in online fundraising  USA TODAY
  3. Trump is suspended from Facebook for 2 years and can’t return until ‘risk to public safety is receded’  The Washington Post
  4. Facebook says Donald Trump to remain banned for two years, effective from Jan. 7  CNBC
  5. Facebook suspends Trump until 2023, shifts rules for world leaders  Reuters
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  1. Biden says jobs report bolsters case for government spending  Yahoo News
  2. Jobs report misses estimates with 559,000 jobs added, unemployment rate falls to 5.8%  Fox Business
  3. Jobs report fuels partisan fighting over White House economic agenda, infrastructure  Washington Post
  4. RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: May jobs numbers a searing indictment of Biden's job-killing policies  Fox News
  5. Behind the May jobs report: Where are the workers?  Washington Post
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East Jerusalem clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians resume  ABC News
10 things you need to know today: June 5, 2021  The Week Magazine
Суд отклонил иск Навального против признания его "склонным к побегу"  DW НА РУССКОМ
Austin, Texas, is arguably the hottest real estate market in the country, with home prices up more than 40 percent since last April. Follow one local family as they struggle to find a place in their price range.
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El personaje perdura porque lo protege la gente que lo ama.
Is Dumping A Trove Of Hacked Government Emails Good Or Bad For Democracy?  WBEZ
Gatekeepers News @gatekeepers_ng
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Putin Criticises U.S For Linking Ransomware Attacks To Russia…
Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton @RiskAlert
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Putin slams treatment of jailed Capitol rioters ahead of Geneva summit
These decisions will only become more polarizing as platforms reckon with free speech issues around the world.
  1. Xi wants to make China more lovable around the world. He may have a tough job.  NBC News
  2. A force on the world stage, China suddenly has a new mission: Become a 'lovable' country  Yahoo News
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After Lavish Nights of Clubbing in Bangkok, a Covid Outbreak  The New York Times


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