Tweets Review: Getting the info from the horse's mouth: #psychiatrist as the #FBI informant: Dr. Carol Berman - 11:27 AM 5/9/2021

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Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Getting the info from the horse's mouth: #psychiatrist as the #FBI informant: Dr. Carol Berman


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Getting the info from the horse's mouth: psychiatrist as the FBI informant: Dr. Carol Berman…


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Dr. Carol Berman fbi informant - Google Search


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Getting the info from the horse's mouth: #psychiatrist as the #FBI #informant: Dr. Carol Berman - Google Search…


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
Getting the info from the horse's mouth: psychiatrist as the FBI informant: Dr. Carol Berman - Google Search


Michael Novakhov @mikenov
#Bike with #Mike#MichaelNovakhov - #SharedNewsLinks#Exposing The #Sick #FBI And Its #Sick #Informants - 9:49 AM 5/9/2021


The U.S. Capitol is seen through outer perimeter fencing on March 15. Some of the additional security measures installed after the Jan. 6 riot will be removed in coming weeks.
Capitol riot defendant "viciously" beaten in D.C. jail, lawyer says ... cites multiple "deficiencies," highlighting the department's lack of planning and its failure to disseminate intelligence ...
WASHINGTON (AP) — A blistering internal report by the U.S. Capitol Police describes a multitude of missteps that left the force unprepared for the Jan. 6 insurrection — riot shields that ...
After Capitol Riot, Senate Taps Intelligence Official to Lead Security Lt. Gen. Karen Gibson held top intelligence posts in the military before she joined a post-Jan. 6 security review of the Capitol.
Лавров: войны в Донбассе можно и нужно избежать  Sputnik Абхазия


  1. Trump's 'Big Lie' imperils Republicans who don't embrace it  The Associated Press
  2. With Cheney's impending ouster, the GOP chooses Trump over principle  CNN
  3. Leonard Pitts: The Republican Party is an unsalvageable mess  Salt Lake Tribune
  4. Opinion | Liz Cheney and the Big Lies  The New York Times
  5. Distinguished pol of the week: Another strong Republican woman  The Washington Post
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News
Путин: российские вакцины за рубежом считают "надежными, как автомат Калашникова"  ТАСС
Что решат Байден и Путин о Грузии? - Ирина Инашвили - ИА REGNUM  ИА REGNUM
US Capitol Police said Friday that there has been a 107% increase in threats against members of Congress this year compared to 2020, and the department is "confident" the number of cases will continue ...
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🌸Muchas felicidades a todas las madres en mi querido PR. Gracias por todo el amor, por sus abrazos,consejos, caricias, por la disciplina, sacrificios y desvelos que forjaron nuestras vidas. A las que hoy son nuestros ángeles, gracias Dios por la bendición de un ser maravilloso.


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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely by JM #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard #Perjury #FBI #Lapd
Michael Novakhov @mikenov
#Informants, especially the "#professionals" #use#abuse#exploit, and #manipulate #FBI for their own #gains#profits, and #advancements, because they are much #smarter, more #psychopathic, and more #perverse than FBI. #Psychiatrist Carol Berman is a good example. CORRUPTION!


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Le #FBI a voulu empêcher des gangsters juifs de tuer #Hitler en 1933… via @slatefr


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