Arab Israelis headed to Jerusalem block highway after being stopped by cops posted at 14:51:09 UTC

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After buses held up at checkpoint outside city, passengers disembark and march along Route 1 to get to Temple Mount, where major rioting broke out Friday as Ramadan comes to end
Ursula von der Leyen: EU urges Swiss 'compromise' to break deal impasse  RTL Today
NYC still storing COVID-19 victims in refrigerated trucks


Congresswoman Betty McCollum tells AJE about effort to ensure Israel doesn't use US aid to violate Palestinian rights.
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I absolutely support this call: "The country needs a comprehensive examination of federal surveillance practices and related activities, past and present. -" The in-depth, comprehensive investigation and the examination ...


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A 2,000-year-old marble head of Augustus - Google Search…
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Napolitano: More government spying and lying… via @heraldextra
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Michael #Novakhov - In My #Opinion: The #FBI became infected with the slow but persistent virus of the German Military Intelligence, the #Abwehr; and it was turned into the deceptive and invisible #weapon which destroys #America from within ...


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Napolitano: More government spying and lying
we see the tactics of the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB have been reborn on this side of the Atlantic.
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"We see the tactics of the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB have been reborn on this side of the Atlantic"! Even the U.S. Postal Service spies on you! What happened to America?! These are the direct results of the ANTI-"Patriot" Act!


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Lavrov and Blinken participate in UN Security Council Open Debate on Multilateralism posted at 12:59:14 UTC


The Hill @thehill
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White House posts visitor logs for first time since Obama administration


ABC News Politics @ABCPolitics
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The sixth grader removed a handgun from her backpack and began firing just after 9 a.m. yesterday, officials say.

Two people were shot in a school hallway, before she moved outside and another person was shot.
WND News @worldnetdaily
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New submarine threat as China pursues Atlantic naval base…
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NBC News @NBCNews
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BREAKING: Trump Justice Dept. sought the phone records of three Washington Post reporters for calls they made during three months in 2017 while reporting on Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election, DOJ says.
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New York Post Metro @nypmetro
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Here's the trail of death and destruction allegedly left by members of NYC's 'Hoolies' gang



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