Biden asks Harris to lead investigation of root causes of the border crisis | M.N.: I will help you to understand what these "root causes" are: the deliberate, hostile, well premeditated and organized actions of the foreign intelligence services, first of all Russian, and behind them - the German. This is the strategic demographic and the propaganda war, aiming to embarrass, to demean, and to destroy America. It looks very clear.

Biden asks Harris to lead investigation of root causes of the border crisis - Google Search

M.N.: I will help you to understand what these "root causes" are: the deliberate, hostile, well premeditated and organized actions of the foreign intelligence services, first of all Russian, and behind them - the German. This is the strategic demographic and the propaganda war, aiming to embarrass, to demean, and to destroy America. It looks very clear. 

NPR News: 03-25-2021 5AM ET
  1. В России официально началось производство вакцины 'КовиВак'  РИА НОВОСТИ
  2. Власти назвали предельную цену на третью вакцину от COVID  РБК
  3. Названа предельная цена вакцины от коронавируса «КовиВак»
  4. COVID-вакцина центра имени Чумакова вышла в гражданский оборот  Интерфакс
  5. Уровень заболеваемости COVID в России вернулся к 9 тыс. в сутки  РБК
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  1. Принц Гарри устроился на вторую работу в США  РБК
  2. «Семизначные суммы»: принц Гарри нашел вторую работу за два дня  РАДИО «КОМСОМОЛЬСКАЯ ПРАВДА»
  3. Известное фотоагентство находится на грани банкротства из-за иска Меган Маркл  Сплетник
  4. Радостные результаты карантина: зарубежные звезды, которые станут мамами в 2021-м  7дней.ру
  5. Принц Гарри стал членом комиссии США по борьбе с дезинформацией в СМИ  Газета.Ru
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Следственный комитет сообщил о задержании в Москве члена банды Шамиля Басаева Германа Арбинина. Его подозревают в соучастии в нападении на псковских десантников в 2000 году в Чечне.


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Более 20 лет у власти, хладнокровная улыбка акулы и недавний успех с вакциной "Спутник V" - все это, конечно, заслуживает внимания, но в одном Владимир Путин действительно не имеет себе равных: в постановке своих фотосессий.

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Компания "Авивир", занимающаяся дистрибуцией тест-систем для выявления коронавируса, приостановила размещение рекламы у Ксении Собчак. Причиной стало появление рекламы компании в интервью "скопинского маньяка" Виктора Мохова.


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AstraZeneca says its COVID-19 vaccine is 76% effective after updating its analysis  News 12 Brooklyn

Sometime later this Spring—around the first week of June—we’ll be taking the wraps off of something new here at Brooklyn Magazine. It won’t be list season just yet, but Brooklyn is nothing if not frequently first: We’ll be announcing our first annual collection of Brooklyn’s “50 Most Fascinating” … the people who, for better or worse, we can’t take our eyes off of.

This is where you come in! We’re looking for submissions, suggestions, tips and admonitions. We’re currently assembling a crack team of diverse jurors to sift through your suggestions and we want to hear from you before Friday, April 23. Email us here, at (Please note, any submission that comes from a publicist or PR firm will be immediately deleted unread and/or cast into the Gowanus.)

Want more info? Keep reading!

What it is
We know what you’re thinking: Another list???

Here’s the thing: Yes. But! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill clickbait ad-grab list. It’s a little more … fascinating. These are the most engrossing people in the borough right now, across multiple disciplines. These are the main characters of the borough, shaping its future. These are folks you think you know and the folks you need to know. These are the power brokers and these are also the people who you haven’t heard of—yet—who are quietly doing the work. This work makes us think, it makes us feel, it connects us to the borough in meaningful ways as the borough itself digs out from a year of pandemic. These are the 50 most fascinating people in Brooklyn.

The people on this list will be chosen by a jury of Brooklynites who themselves would merit a place high on the list. They are experts in their respective fields. They know what’s happening and what’s coming next.

When it is
The first week of June!

What can you do?
Email us here to tell us whomst you think deserves to be on this list and why! We’re not kidding about publicists, though. We won’t read anything submitted from a PR pro.

The mind craves order as much as the internet craves lists. So here, loosely, are the ten categories Brooklyn’s 50 Most Fascinating will fall under. This, like so much in life, is a bit squishy and subject to change:

  1. Arts & Entertainment (think: musicians, actors, artists, gallerists, filmmakers, dancers, drag queens)
  2. Community & Governance (think: organizers and politicians, activists and establishment)
  3. Food & Drink (think restaurateurs, service workers, barkeeps, chefs, mixologists)
  4. Land & Sea (think: real estate tycoons, slum lords, coastal culture, boat captains, lifeguards, canal dredgers, beaches and buildings)
  5. Lovers & Liars (think: the people we hate to love and love to hate)
  6. Media Mavens (think: journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, whistleblowers, influencers, truth-seekers)
  7. Pandemic Heroes & Villains (think: doctors, nurses, EMTs, frontline workers, helpers and hinderers)
  8. Sports & Gaming (think: pro and amateur athletics, esports, gambling)
  9. Street Style & Runway Rogues (think: fashionistas, dandies, sneakerheads, Beau Brummell types)
  10. Freaks & Geeks (think: everyone who doesn’t fit into the above, the riff, the raff)

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За прошедшие сутки в республике умерли 362 человека.
Комитет ВОЗ по чрезвычайной ситуации призвал страны расширить научные исследования о мутирующих возбудителях.


Mexico’s lower house of Congress on Wednesday passed a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana — paving the way for a regulated market in a country long-dominated by drug cartels. The bill, which was approved by a vote of 316 to 127, now heads to the Senate where it is all but certain to pass....


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he wants to make the “long overdue” issue of marijuana reform a priority for Congress, saying it will provide “justice” for those harmed by harsh cannabis laws. The New York Democrat released a video on his Twitter account Thursday featuring a conversation with Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey...
A number of White House staffers were asked to resign or demoted for past marijuana use — regardless of whether those employees had been in one of the 14 states where the drug is legal, according to a report. The Biden administration had required workers to disclose past marijuana use on a background check form,...


A deal to legalize pot has emerged from Albany’s legendary smoke-filled rooms, but it looks like lawmakers jumped the gun on indulging when they were settling the testy issue of “driving while high.” Weed impairs judgment, reaction time and general alertness. States that legalized soon saw an increase in “driving under the influence,” with rising...
State officials: NY lawmakers reach deal on legalizing marijuana; vote could come soon  News 12 Brooklyn
New York officials reach agreement to legalize marijuana
Weed all about it! New York State lawmakers struck a deal Wednesday to legalize marijuana, legislative sources said — just hours after Gov. Cuomo called the move  “essential” to the state’s social and economic well-being. The reform measures will be included in the laws that are set to be proposed as part of the state...
Pentagon watchdog: Former Navy auditor sexually harassed at least 12 female employees
A former Navy civilian auditor sexually harassed at least 12 female employees for more than two decades as part of a “pervasive and egregious pattern” of misconduct, the Pentagon’s watchdog revealed Wednesday.A Defense Department inspector...
В соцсетях Алексея Навального появился пост от его имени, в котором он рассказал о "любимых" моментах в ИК-2 в Покрове.


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Hugo García fue elegido como el mejor competidor en EEG Puerto Rico  LaRepú
Special air filtration systems using technology developed in Israel installed in Chabad houses to shield them from coronavirus



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