8:07 AM 2/17/2021 - Yet another winter storm on the way, with significant snow for Thursday and Friday - WFMZ Allentown

8:07 AM 2/17/2021

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  1. Yet another winter storm on the way, with significant snow for Thursday and Friday  WFMZ Allentown
  2. More snow chances on the way  WISHTV.com
  3. Cincinnati weather: What's next? Freezing temperatures, negative wind chill and more snow  The Cincinnati Enquirer
  4. Bitterly cold temperatures ahead of light snow tomorrow | First Alert Update - Feb. 17, 5 a.m.  WTOL11
  5. Just the start of a massive temperature improvement  WKOW
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  1. UK aims to infect healthy volunteers with COVID-19 for medical research  Fox News
  2. BREAKING: UK volunteers to be deliberately exposed to COVID in world-first trial  Sky News
  3. Anti-Vaxxers Aren't the Only Ones Selling Vaccines Short  The Daily Beast
  4. UK gives go-ahead to expose volunteers to COVID in medical trial  Reuters
  5. UK to infect up to 90 healthy volunteers with Covid in world first trial  The Guardian
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Pandemic politicking: Israel's election sprint echoes US's  KPRC Click2Houston
After 2020 Election 'Failure,' Oneida County Elections Commissioners Resign  WSKG.org
Federal officials on Tuesday morning made an arrest in Costa Mesa of a man accused in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Michele Gile reports.
He was there to transport Lucas Walker, a former truck driver for Iowa Select, to a meeting with Nick Potratz, an FBI agent from the Des Moines office of ...
Ford Will Transition to Solely Electric Cars in Europe
The automaker said that by 2026, it will offer only electric and plug-in hybrid models. Read the latest business updates.
Last week, the Biden administration said it had secured 200 million more ... But Mr. Biden warned at the time that it would still be difficult to get those ... neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens where many essential workers live.
Biden says 'domestic terror' is greatest terrorist threat to the US, warns that white supremacists 'are most dangerous people in the US'.

Advertising Struggles in an Increasingly Digitized World - TFOT  The Future of Things
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Not a single US state recorded more than 10,000 new Covid cases in a week for the first time this year trib.al/8m6tSdj
Meeting with State Duma party faction leaders • President of Russia en.kremlin.ru/events/preside…


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I’m not sure if I am more delighted by VVP's look of existential misery or the teeny-tiny Kirienko... twitter.com/kremlinrussia_…
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President Biden brings compassion, centrism and a big-time vaccine promise at CNN town hall | Analysis cnn.it/37lD0Fl


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Update: Russia's Interior Ministry has called the simulated protest involving minors "unacceptable"
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Russian security forces have taught Siberian schoolchildren how to detain protesters in a simulated riot, according to a video published by local television Tuesday

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Every living president EXCEPT Trump has called me, says Joe Biden trib.al/0VVotXt
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The unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh has introduced a bill to add Russian as an official language alongside Armenian
The News And Times - News Channels news-channels.com ria.ru/20210217/spekt…
The News And Times - News Channels news-channels.com washingtontimes.com/news/2021/feb/…


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