2:37 PM 2/3/2021 - 2 FBI agents killed, 3 agents wounded while serving warrant

2:37 PM 2/3/2021


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2 FBI agents killed, 3 agents wounded while serving warrant - Google Search google.com/search?q=2+FBI…
2 FBI Agents Killed, 3 Injured Serving Warrant In Florida | Craig Melvin... youtu.be/gu3a8NWejJo via @YouTube
Two FBI agents killed in Sunrise, Florida.

Reuters Now 5-minute briefing(audiosafe-stream-us) - Reuters Now 5-minute briefing(audiosafe-stream-us) podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6L…


What Does the FBI Know That Congress Doesn't?

Deep State Radio - What Does the FBI Know That Congress Doesn't? podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6L…


The Beat with Ari Melber - New: Trump WH planned march to Capitol podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6L…


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“I’m proud of my Motherland,” exclaimed the editor-in-chief of the state-funded network RT. She argued that those who attempt to undermine the regime must be harshly dealt with and imprisoned, describing Navalny as “a traitor of the Motherland.” trib.al/s520F8U
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Portugal is the world's worst COVID-19 hotspot right now, and a surge in infections has left the hospitals on the brink of collapse.

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Qué son los antinutrientes y por qué son parte fundamental de la alimentación bbc.in/2MLZnMA
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Grateful to the Biden Administration for providing long overdue support for the people of Puerto Rico to rebuild from the 2017 hurricanes and prepare for future storms.
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Democrats blast Cuomo's health chief Howard Zucker as 'liar,' 'puppet' trib.al/SiyFCrg


The Lead with Jake Tapper - First look at arguments from Trump lawyers, Democrats; GOP faces internal battles over … podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6L…


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A year ago this week, I said at the @HRC gala — the first under the leadership of my friend @AlphonsoDavid — that we must repeal the “walking while trans” statute. I’m proud to say we got it done and I’m grateful to Alphonso and the entire LGBTQ community for their partnership.
AssociatedPress's YouTube Videos: FBI: FL shooting is 'dark day' for organization ino.to/hhUkiA6
Covid: Israel's vaccine rollout linked to infection fall - BBC News bbc.com/news/health-55…


Covid: Israel's vaccine rollout linked to infection fall - BBC News bbc.com/news/health-55…

The jury's still out on whether the vaccine completely stops people from carrying, and passing on, the virus.

So for now, while many people remain unvaccinated, those who have had ...
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Rabbi from Israeli settlement convicted of inciting to violence and encouraging hate crimes haaretz.com/israel-news/.p…
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Coronavirus live news: WHO warns 'vaccine nationalism will spawn new Covid mutations' theguardian.com/world/live/202…
What Went Wrong During FBI Search Warrant That Led To Shooting, Agents’ Deaths? - Google Search google.com/search?q=What+… nbcnews.com/news/us-news/s…
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Opinion: Biden’s surprisingly successful first two weeks wapo.st/2MMnzyz
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On this day in 1933, Hitler directs his generals to plan for the "ruthless Germanisation" of Eastern Europe. His long-standing goal of achieving 'Lebensraum' or 'Living Space' will now be the official foreign policy of Nazi Germany.



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