Trump billboard in Texas vandalized, altered to say: "Take Trump to Prison" - 10.17.20 - 11.03 AM - Tweets by ‎@mikenov

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    Trump billboard in Texas vandalized, altered to say: "Take Trump to Prison" 

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    The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election 

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    My God...

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    En una imagen, lo que pasa cuando tienes un gobernante que entiende de ciencias

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    One expert told Sky News he believed that as many as four million people could have been sent incorrect updates on the contact-tracing app by what he described as "a fat finger error" 

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    “what keeps you awake at night?”

    me: goofy is walking pluto, yet both of them are dogs...

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    Democratic contender Joe Biden has a deep bench of possible candidates for top economic policy jobs if he wins the presidential election. 

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    Incredible. Over 1 million views in under 4 hours and is still trending #1 in America. RETWEET to keep it there all night. 💪

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    Another career criminal, who’s no stranger to us [the NYPD], with open warrants for missed court appearances, was arrested—yet again.

    This time he was caught in the act stealing packages in broad daylight, but was quickly arrested & multiple stolen goods were recovered.

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    A CH-47 Chinook from B Co “Big Windy,” 1-214th General Support Aviation Battalion spins up for an evening training flight just after a storm clears on Oct. 6 at Katterbach Army Airfield.

    (U.S. Army photo by Maj. Robert Fellingham)

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    Joe Biden always provided a needed shot of adrenaline at difficult times by saying, “Come on, folks…we’re the United States of America. We can do this. We’ve been through rough times before, and we did just fine, and we’ll do so again.” (Undaunted)

    That's Leadership.


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    We need to develop the awareness that nowadays we are either all saved together or no one is saved. , decadence and suffering in one part of the earth are a breeding ground for problems that will end up affecting the entire planet.



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