Mazel Tov! The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates

Who is Roman Kalika? | Violations: This owner/manager has a total of 81  violations which is 3.37 violations per unit for their entire portfolio.  That is worse than the city average, which

The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates – LINK TO POST

Dear Mr. Kalika: This is the Currently UPDATED Post, for your information and attention. Sincerely, Michael Novakhov. 6.18.24 

P.S. You may also respond in writing, if you so wish. – Copy of the Sent Email. 

The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! But why was he so mysteriously lost?

The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates

Годовое собрание от 12 Июня, 2024 г. – Отчёт и Дополнения

The Annual meeting of 6.12.24

The meeting was held, with no quorum, and the elections were not held. 

The Financial Statement was not ready and will be mailed in 2 weeks, as per Mr. Kalika. 

It transpired that the person who claimed to be Mr. Kalika, the head of the Dependable Pro Management, at the last Annual meeting of March 22, 2023, (and with the false introduction by Grace Bishop), actually was not Mr. Kalika but one of his accountants, apparently chosen for this role for his deep voice and the imposing, authoritarian demeanor. 

Now, hopefully, we deal with the real Mr. Kalika. He was again introduced by Grace Bishop, without any explanations of her mistake and this discrepancy, which proves once more that she is the blatant liar, bullshitter, and the psychopath. 

I would like to remind everyone that impersonating the officer in his official capacity is illegal, and it is the criminal offense. 

In plain English, they take you for idiots, guys! 

In plain Russian: Они берут вас за ЛОХОВ!

The similar situation is with Al Rutigliano, Grace Bishop’s common law husband. He does not own any shares in this condo, nevertheless he was on the Condo Board. This is also illegal and the practice of Nepotism. According to the rules common for all Condos, the members of the same household are prohibited from serving on the same condo Board. The problem with Al was that he imagined himself a little Mafia Boss, and he tried to rule the roost, on behalf of his wife Grace, via his ENFORCER, super Ray, by instructing him to be rude and insulting to people, so he could insert himself as the middle man. Both of them were warned. 

The atmosphere of lies and deceits pervades the whole behavior and the style, the modus operandi of Grace Bishop and the people around her, including the Dependable Pro and the Super, all of whom rob this Condo of the services it deserves, and MILK IT SHAMELESSLY for their own purposes and benefits, as it was described by me in the previous posts, and will be described again, in details, in the future. 

And this continuous robbery results in the chronic state of disrepairs, with the ceilings falling on people’ heads at the regular intervals. The review of this subject as addressed in the previous posts, suggest that the main reason are the continuous leaks; in the winter from the heating system, and in the summer from the incorrectly installed air conditioners. And the reason for continuous leaks is that they are hidden inside the building structures, they are not watched for, and are not fixed in time. People do not want to deal with a super (“Ray”), who is arrogant, rude, and insulting  to people, demands the exorbitant tips, and with all that is incompetent, and does the shoddy work. People do not want to bother with him. The super and his family are more interested in free apartment than taking the adequate care of the building. The problem is not that they are the Muslim family, the problem is that their pattern of work fits with the very well known pattern and style of other supers of the Albanian or Balkanian descent. This is the primitive peasant mentality. They want to extract for themselves everything they can and more, seeing this building as their property, while working as little as possible. With this super and his work, this building will always have problems and will continue to be in the state of disrepairs. In my opinion, this super ABSOLUTELY has to be changed.  Some owners, in our private discussions, questioned the need for the free apartment as the part of the package. This issue has to be considered and discussed at the general meeting. 

Some owners who are better familiar with the situation, told me that Super Ray has another, second job or that he works for his own business, has a big house upstate, and is in fact, a “millionaire”. Be it all as it may, it is clear that he is more interested in his free apartment and his tips than in honest work. Apparently, Grace Bishop is connected with him by some family ties, and this is the explanation of his super-favourable, special treatment. The kickbacks to the Dependable Pro from him are also quite possible, and even likely. It is also possible that this gang benefits financially from the illegal management of the short term rentals, the issue that is not addressed in the Bylaws but it is active and in the front of the current agenda. 

The meeting was rather brief and we did not get to discuss this issue and the issue of Grace Bishop’ fitness to be elected, in the light of her crazy and brazen behavior and the attacks on others (see police report). These subjects should be discussed next time, hopefully. 

My question at this meeting: “WHY DO CEILINGS FALL IN THIS BUILDING?” was left unanswered, and the meeting was closed in panic by Grace Bishop after I asked this question. 

My opinion is that the group that calls itself the “Board” is completely fictitious and illegitimate. They have absolutely no proofs, including the documentation, to show what they claim. I think that this group of pretenders and imposters is detrimental to this building and to the financial interests of the unit  owners. 

I think, that they also will carry the CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY if the falling ceilings kill or injure someone. We should not wait for it to happen. 

We need the adequate Election, and the adequate, well functioning Board. Presently we do not have a Board, neither in the legal nor in the administrative sense. 

The details and the Report on Financial Statement will follow later. 

At mean time, I request from the current “Board” and  “Dependable Pro” the following information, which they have to give us by law. 

  1. The most current Master List of Owners. 
  2. Minutes of the last two annual meetings, of 2023 and 2024, and the lists of attendees for each of the meetings in 2023 and 2024, and the history of the previous meetings in chronological order for the last 35 years or during the total term  of service of Grace Bishop, whichever is longer. 
  3. The list of the current “Board Members”, as they presented themselves at the meeting of 2024, and any other members, including the non-owners of the Condo shares.
  4. The plan for the Election of the New Board

I hope, that now, when the real Mr. Kalika was so happily and unexpectedly found, he will be able to deal with the issues and problems. I will summarize them briefly:

1. Change the super Ray ASAP!

2. Confirm the disqualification of Grace Bishop for election to the Board, according to the Bylaws.

3. Hold the general owners meetings monthly, if needed, and elect the new Board which will be able to function adequately. Also consider the electronic voting online and by mail. Make the voting process easier, not harder.

These problems will not disappear by themselves if you do not solve them. 

We do have the instruments at our disposal to affect the needed changes. We should consider the NONPAYMENT of the common charges AS THE GROUP, to pressure the management Co. In this case, they will start singing a different song very fast. I urge Mr. Kalika to pay attention. 

Mr. Kalika, his management Co, his Super, and his corrupt puppet “chairwoman” Bishop work at the pleasure of the shareholders, and these people can be fired at any moment without any particular reason or explanation, simply because their work is not seen as satisfactory by the shareholders.

And in my opinion, they should be fired and referred to the Criminal Prosecution for Negligence and other violations and offenses! 
I intend to sue Grace Bishop for the attempted murder: that what spitting on another person in the times of COVID is.
I also intend to sue the Dependable Pro for fraud: impersonating the head of the company by another person with the purpose to mislead and to deceive the shareholders. 

I plan to call the owners on the phone, to meet them personally, and to continue working on these issues. Have a good Summer!

Michael Novakhov 

6.15.24 | Updates: 6.15 – 6.17 – 6.19.24



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