The TRUTH is the Solution and the Healer. It will set free both the Arabs and the Jews.



Conversation "An arrangement with the Palestinians will be reached only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions." Then start these negotiations, and now: with Abbas and others. Delays will not achieve anything. If you want the unitary (and inevitably multi-ethnic State of Israel), then the same basic rights have to be given to all. This process may be gradual, and it may take many years, but the people, both Jews and Arabs, have to know what is going on. Address the Arabs of Israel (both citizens and the "Palestinians") directly, and explain your position to them. You need their support, not their hatred. Above all, at this point, as many people said, the careful, in depth, comprehensive, truthful, State INVESTIGATION of October 7 is needed. Israel, both Jews and Arabs, has to know, who are its true friends, and who are its true (and masked) enemies. There are a lot of indications that Putin (your "friend"? your "ally"?), Russia, the GRU, and the Wagner Group are behind the October 7, and Hamas are their manipulated and expendable puppets. Address this issue! The TRUTH is the Solution and the Healer. It will set free both the Arabs and the Jews.


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