"It is said that Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev wants to nominate his son for the presidency." - Abbas Gallyamov

 💥GALLYAMOV: Putin has already SIGNED a DECREE / The Kremlin is planning an ATTACK on...

Russian oppositionist and political scientist Abbas Gallyamov commented on Putin’s preparations for a long war. In particular, he speculated whether the Kremlin could attack the Baltic countries.

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Political scientist Abbas Galyamov, in a conversation with Channel 24 , explained under what conditions the Kremlin dictator could lose his post. This process will differ from the classic “palace” coup.

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There are two key conditions for Putin to lose his presidency. This could be a major breakthrough by the Ukrainian military at the front or another campaign similar to the one organized by Prigozhin.

“No one will actively play against Putin in the system. They will throw him in at any moment when they feel that he will lose. They (the “elites” - Channel 24) will not lay their bones for him. But dumping him themselves - I’m not into that I really believe it. For now they have something to lose,” the political scientist noted.

Abbas Gallyamov about internal processes in Russia: watch the video

In addition to the fact that the so-called “elites” have something to lose, they are also afraid of Putin. He is cruel, immoral, and traitors cannot count on pardon from the dictator. A striking example of this is the completion of the story with Prigozhin.

But this does not mean that Putin will not lose power because of them. How did Prigozhin's coup begin? A dispute arose between the two groups on the topic “what to do to save their lives.” And this put the system on the verge of collapse. This will be repeated more than once,
” Gallyamov noted.

According to him, the system in Russia is already actively reaching a dead end and this will be another impetus for the elimination of Putin. But this will not be in the classical sense of a “palace coup.” Everything will be decided for the dictator.

“He will stand on the side somewhere and watch everything fall apart,” he suggested.

  • Putin can be eliminated by his inner circle. It is said that Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev wants to nominate his son for the presidency. [GS - M.N.] And this will be a good opportunity for the “elites” to blame all crimes on the dictator.
  • Anyone who does not benefit from the war may be interested in Putin's death. They are tired of the dictator. The only solution to get rid of him is to hand him over to the Hague court or kill him.
  • Putin does not spare personnel at the front and presses with numbers. But he may have big problems because of those who have been mobilized. In Russia, the wives of the occupiers are beginning to become dissatisfied with the fact that their husbands are not being released from the front.


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