The Dagestan Riot was instigated by the Azerbaijan KGB: "Look at how we treat our (Mountain) Jews ("Tats"), and how they, "the Russian-Dagestani Azerbaijanis" do!


People wearing hats with Israeli flag
People in Moscow attending a solidarity service on 15 October for the Israeli victims of the Hamas attacks. Photograph: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP -

Michael Novakhov
The Dagestan Riot was instigated by the Azerbaijan KGB: "Look at how we treat our (Mountain) Jews ("Tats"), and how they, "the Russian-Dagestani Azerbaijanis" do! After Kolokoltsev's visit to the area, the Deputy Interior Minister of Dagestan was jailed "for corruption". It means, he was bribed by the Azerbaijani KGB to instigate these riots. Kolokoltsev knows what he is doing. The amount of bribe for this operation was apparently about $1 Mil.: "Телеграм-канал ВЧК-ОГПУ, предположительно связанный с российскими правоохранительными органами, называет сумму предполагаемой взятки, которую получил замминистра, – 100 миллионов рублей от одной из страховых компаний." It also means that hypocritical Aliyev 2 tries to expand his influence in Dagestan while kissing Putin's ass. They continue "the MULTIVECTOR POLICY", practiced by the previous KGB Turk and Turkey - Aliyev 1. It also confirms that the CORRUPTION in the Caucasus is limitless and omnipresent. Now Putin has enough reasons to remove Aliyev 2, if he so chooses. If. - Russian Jews fear Israel-Hamas war awakening sleeping antisemitism


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