Putin Wants to "Remove" Armenia PM - GeneralSVR - 9.15.23

#Putin Wants to "Remove" #Armenia PM
Putin is seriously concerned about the situation with repeated statements of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol #Pashinyan that #Russia was not able to ensure the security of Armenia and obvious hints at leaving Russia’s sphere of influence. Armenia’s exit from the CSTO will call into question the very existence of the organization, and the exit of #Kazakhstan, which has already secured the support of #China, puts an end to the existence of the CSTO. Putin considers Nikol Pashinyan to be to blame for the problems that have arisen and in the process of discussing possible options for overcoming the crisis, he expressed displeasure several times that the issue with “upstart” Pashinyan should have been resolved on takeoff and there would have been no problems. The Russian President insisted that it was not too late to “remove” the Prime Minister of Armenia, and this was the best way to solve the problem. Despite statements from security officials that such an operation could not be prepared quickly, Putin insisted on implementing such a decision as quickly as possible. Russian President Vladimir Putin understands “the development of relations with our closest neighbours and allies” in a very odd way.


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