GeneralSVR: #Patrushev vs. #Kadyrov: During his speech, Patrushev addressed Putin on a first-name basis, using expressions in relation to the president such as “you must be an idiot” and “what a cretin you have to be to allow this.”


#Patrushev vs. #Kadyrov. The time of unrest is coming Last night, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev insisted on holding an urgent online meeting with the participation of Russian President Vladimir #Putin. In addition to Patrushev and Putin, three more representatives of the leadership of the security bloc took part in the meeting. The reason for the urgent convening of such a representative team was the release of a video recording of Ramzan Kadyrov’s son beating Nikita Zhuravel, who is accused of burning the Koran. The video recording caused not only a wide public outcry but also the indignation of Nikolai Patrushev, who, despite the president’s poor health, insisted on the need for an urgent meeting. In fact, Patrushev held this meeting, giving Putin the opportunity only to say hello. The Secretary of the Security Council provided a video recording in advance, which he gathered to discuss, and all participants in the meeting, including the president, became familiar with it shortly before the start of the conversation. Patrushev immediately began with complaints against Putin, accusing him of the fact that with the connivance of the president, a situation became possible where the leadership of Chechnya openly ignores the laws of the Russian Federation and does it demonstratively and brazenly. The Secretary of the Security Council harshly criticized Putin and chided the president for more than fifteen minutes, giving reasons for each reproach. During his speech, Patrushev addressed Putin on a first-name basis, using expressions in relation to the president such as “you must be an idiot” and “what a cretin you have to be to allow this.” At the end of his speech, the Secretary of the Security Council said to the president: “You don’t care, you don’t listen to anyone, you’re practically gone, and we have to clean up all this after you.” Putin listened to Patrushev with a downcast look and, without giving anyone else the floor and, without speaking himself, closed the meeting. The hostility of the leadership of the security bloc led by Patrushev towards the current leadership of Chechnya has a long history, but Putin has always balanced the situation by acting as the centre of the balance of power. Now, the balance is broken. The time of unrest is coming.
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