Anna Gabrielian and Jamie Lee Henry Story: FBI entrapment and the Counterintelligence issues



fbi entrapment as legal defense - GS

Jamie Henry fbi entrapment - GS

Anna Gabrielian and Jamie Lee Henry

Anna Gabrielian and Jamie Lee Henry Story: geopolitical connection with Azerbaijan - Armenia negotiations 

Anna Gabrielian and Jamie Lee Henry Story: FBI entrapment and the Counterintelligence issues 

The whole picture, the design of this "operation" itself point to entrapment. For me, the temporal (occurring at the same time) association with the other, geopolitical events, was suspicious. 

See my news reviews at that time:

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There were only two noticeable events at that time: this story and Armenia - Azerbaijan negotiations. I had the impression that this new "Doctors Plot" story, as digested, understood, and reused by the Azerbaijani Intelligence Service students, was designed and planted by them. The purpose was to disparage and ridicule the Armenian side by  associating it with scandalous (for the primitive minds and outlooks) "trans" connection, and most importantly, with the allusion to the idea of "TRANS-Caucasian Republic".

Exploring this "geopolitical connection" may further point to the  Azerbaijani agent or agents with the ability to influence the FBI, or with some "special connections" with them, in my opinion. Lately, their activities in the US were well publicized: 

Azerbaijani Intelligence Service tries to bribe their way into American political system

See rep. Henry Cuellar and Azerbaijan - GS

The Azerbaijani (Jewish) oligarchs were also very active in the Trump election affair. 

This connection should be explored to the fullest. 

This is possibly the Counterintelligence issue, and the important one.

Michael Novakhov | 9:20 AM 8/27/2023 - Post Link

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