My Opinion: Are the invisible hands and the "GRU Gaming" behind the Pentagon Leaks 2023 and possibly the mass shootings in the US?

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My Opinion: Are The Invisible Hands (of the GRU? Of Putin? You guess ...) behind the Pentagon Leaks 2023?

Cui bono? Who benefited the Pentagon Leaks?

Its major military -political effect appears to be the postponement of the presumed Ukrainian "Anniversary" Counteroffensive in the Spring of 2023, achieved by highlighting the Ukraine's losses, need for weapons, and questionable readiness and outcome. Russia assumed the defensive position and posture, and it appears to be the main beneficiary of the lull. The Russian Military is somewhat battle fatigued and it is well aware of the risks if this conflict continues and expands. 

Who lost? 

The US and DOD had some reparable reputational losses. 

The question arises: Are the invisible hands of the GRU behind Jack Teixeira The Washington Post observed the similarity with the case of Robert Hanssen, "the most damaging spy in FBI history." 

The connection between the leak of documents on the Discord chatJack Teixeira's obsession with weapons, his violent, racist and antisemitic remarks and his possible interest and searches on mass shootings should also be the focus of attention by the investigators: the mass shootings and other related (terrorist) incidents may be the product of the skillful manipulations of the same "invisible hands". 

This connection provides the clues and the leads. 


Jack Teixeira is groomed by the MAGA movement to be their icon. He looks more like the young cherubic face of the American Fascism. And this is also a telling connection, possibly with the New Abwehr

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